Hot Topics in Cyber Resiliency

Cybersecurity, risk management and cyber resiliency are top priorities for IT and business leaders in 2022. How do you reduce risk in an environment that continues to change rapidly, with an increase in edge computing, internet of things devices, remote work and more? Articles in this section focus on key areas such as leveraging SASE, building confidence in cyber resiliency, dealing with the shortage of qualified cybersecurity personnel, using end-to-end intrinsic security, and adding zero trust and other tools to limit the risk of an exponentially growing attack surface.

Enterprise Desktop
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  • Comparing MSI vs. MSIX

    While MSI was the preferred method for distributing enterprise applications for decades, the MSIX format promises to improve upon...

  • How to install MSIX and msixbundle

    IT admins should know that one of the simplest ways to deploy Windows applications across a fleet of managed desktops is with an ...

Cloud Computing