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Video: Decoding Magecart/Web Skimming Attacks

With most countries in lockdown mode because of COVID-19, our reliance on the internet is stronger than ever before. Unfortunately, the cyberthreat actors are eyeing this sharp growth in online transactions.

The exposure to compromised websites, including e-commerce, is greater than ever with the uptick in web skimming cases reported in March. Web skimming attacks may worsen as more online services are consumed in the coming months.

During this webinar we will discuss:

  • Internet and digital ecosystem in the backdrop of COVID-19
  • Cyberthreats – what has changed during COVID-19
  • Growing threats of web skimming/Magecart attacks and targeted industries
  • Magecart attack vectors
  • Attack examples
  • Measures taken in the industry – strengths and weaknesses

Our presenter is Aseem Ahmed, Senior Product Manager, Cloud Security at Akamai Technologies, Asia Pacific.

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