Containing ransomware outbreaks now a top infosec priority

Last updated:January 2018

Editor's note

Ransomware outbreaks are rampant and once you're a victim, it means the bad guys already have your data. So, the obvious first question is how to not be a victim. The second is, if it's too late and you've suffered a ransomware hack, how do you prevent the attackers from using it maliciously?

This guide is a collection of expert analysis and advice on the current state of the ransomware threat and what infosec pros can do in the event their company suffers a ransomware hack.

1How ransomware hackers manipulate end users

A major factor in the spread of ransomware is the use of innocent end users to spread the virus. Learn how hackers widen ransomware outbreaks via social engineering techniques and discover what infosecs can do to stem them.

2How to fortify against a ransomware outbreak

Ransomware outbreaks can be scary, but they don't mean your systems are defenseless. Learn what tools exist to prevent a ransomware attack -- you may discover you have tools already on hand that are effective against ransomware as well as the threat they were originally purchased for. If the worst happens and you suffer a ransomware hack, there are still solutions for lessening the impact; what's important is that you plan now.

3Ransomware outbreaks can even enter the cloud

It's unfortunate but true: Moving your most valuable data to the cloud doesn't necessarily protect it if your company suffers a ransomware hack. Learn what ransomware can do in the cloud, and what infosec pros can do about that.

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