Securing big data is a growing infosec responsibility

Last updated:March 2017

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Editor's note

Securing big data is the concern of an increasing number of enterprises now and it’s an effort that is paying off. Big data environments, often based on homegrown Hadoop and NoSQL implementations, seek to pull in new types of data to outline security posture, identify potential attacks that would otherwise go unseen, and spot potentially insecure uses of shadow IT like cloud computing and the internet of things.

But as the value of big data becomes ever more apparent, the issue of securing big data grows -- not to mention the issue of securing the enterprise infrastructure that supports big data collection and analysis. 

In this school, we’ll review the key issues related to security for big data with an eye to how enterprise infosec teams can put controls in place to mitigate risks. So watch the video, listen to the podcast, and read the tech tip to learn the ins and outs of securing big data. Then test your new knowledge with our quiz on big data security.

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