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Cloudian, Panzura expand cloud data archiving options

Cloudian and Panzura have come up with new cloud data archiving products to help organizations move on-premises data to the cloud.

Cloudian’s new HyperStore 4000 is a 7U scale-out object storage enclosure that stores up to 700 TB and includes two separate compute nodes per chassis. It can be configured as a three-way cluster for data availability and the system has built-in, hybrid cloud tiering. Like Cloudian’s 1U HyperStore 1500 appliance, the 4000 can store data on premises or in the Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google public clouds. It also can tier data to the Cloudian public cloud.

Jon Toor, Cloudian’s chief marketing officer, said the appliance is aimed largely at the entertainment, video surveillance and genome sequencing industries, or as a replacement for tape archives.

Panzura launched a new cloud data archiving appliance as part of its Freedom Archive platform, and is packaging that with its Freedom NAS and Freedom Collaboration file sync products. The vendor said its Panzura 5500 Series Flash Cache can support up to 1,200 active users. The Freedom Archive virtual appliance that launched in late 2016 runs on VMware vSphere and supports up to 500 users.

Panzura’s products all integrate on-premises storage with the public cloud for cloud data archiving. Freedom NAS stores active data in local cache while moving colder data to the cloud. Freedom Collaboration stores data in a central cloud repository and makes all files read and write accessible on each.

“It takes the archiving piece and adds additional functionality as the company grows into the cloud,” said Barry Phillips, Panzura’s chief marketing officer.

Cloud data archiving ‘requires trust’

Scott Sinclair, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, said Panzura’s encryption makes it a good fit for protecting sensitive information that organizations are reluctant to move off-premises for cloud data archiving.

“The cloud offers a number of benefits, but some businesses are reluctant to leverage public cloud resources for sensitive information,” Sinclair said. “With FIPS 140-2 certification and AES-256 bit encryption to secure at rest and in-flight, Panzura is working to alleviate any potential security concerns.

“There are other hybrid cloud solutions that offer encryption. The success in storing sensitive data in the cloud requires more than the right technology. It also requires trust,” Sinclair said. “Some businesses have already benefited by moving digital archives to the cloud, while others remain reluctant. Panzura has the right technology to find success in this space. The question is whether they can convince those businesses still questioning the cloud to make the move forward.”

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