Data storage considerations for a DevOps environment

Last updated:December 2017

Editor's note

DevOps -- an approach that combines development and operations -- brings IT agility to the forefront of a computing environment to enable the quick and efficient creation and deployment of applications. Data storage is one of the vital resources required to make a DevOps environment run smoothly because storage needs to be provisioned quickly and efficiently.

Along with readily available resources, an ideal DevOps environment must be scalable and automated wherever possible. Because DevOps processes rely heavily on virtual machine (VM) and container instances, storage platforms supporting VMs and containers are becoming mandatory.

As DevOps has risen in popularity, storage technologies have evolved to match the needs of an Agile environment. Thanks to its streamlined, efficient format, hyper-converged technology is well-suited to DevOps. More vendors now include Docker support in their offerings, and speedy all-flash arrays are being used to implement DevOps strategies.

The role of the cloud can be a complicated one. Some observers believe cloud technology is an integral part of DevOps, while others prefer working with on-premises storage resources. While cloud storage is compatible with DevOps, it can also compound existing demands.

Using a public cloud has the advantage of taking some of the processes and management out of an organization's hands, which is a key component of DevOps. With both a DevOps environment and a private cloud, however, storage provisioning must be dynamic to keep up with resource demands.

Adopting and running a successful DevOps environment is a complex process and a challenge many organizations are facing head-on to streamline their processes. In this guide, we'll cover what storage vendors are up to with regard to DevOps, the role of the cloud and the challenges users may face when adopting a DevOps strategy.

1DevOps and cloud support gaining traction

The cloud has permeated nearly every area of data storage, and DevOps is no exception. Below, see how the cloud and DevOps have worked in tandem and how they're being used for storage.

2Current DevOps challenges

With every technological development, there is a new slew of challenges to be faced. With a DevOps environment, storage pros face some unique trials, from adoption issues to vendor embellishment.

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