Quantum launches Distributed Cloud Services

Distributed Cloud Services is now available from Quantum, as well as storage-as-a-service offerings and Cloud-Based Analytics software to manage day-to-day storage operations.

Quantum Corp. has announced a new line of services and storage-as-a-software offerings called Distributed Cloud Services. According to Quantum, it was designed to enable an enterprise's resources to focus on meeting business goals, rather than spending time managing storage.

Quantum's new Cloud-Based Analytics software powers Distributed Cloud Services. Products are designed to send data about their environment using the Cloud-Based Analytics software, making them part of Distributed Cloud.

Using the Cloud-Based Analytics software, users or Quantum's own support team can manage and monitor environments worldwide from one central location. Users can monitor their own environments or choose to have Quantum do it through Distributed Cloud Services.

According to Quantum, the driving force behind the creation of Distributed Cloud Services was the need for businesses to create, study and develop more, while having fewer IT and engineering resources, therefore looking to others to manage data storage infrastructure.

Quantum also announced Quantum Operational Services, which it claims provides cloudlike storage with on-premises control. Users manage daily storage operations with Quantum, with the hope of providing more reliability through monitoring and analysis.

Quantum claims the key benefits of using the Operational Services line are eliminating the weight that managing storage places on IT resources, reducing downtime to improve UX, keeping the control and security of an on-premises storage center and maximizing storage ROI.

Lastly, Quantum has added new storage as a service (SaaS) offerings to its portfolio. This is aimed at those who would prefer a pay-per-use subscription service for the Operational Services features. The benefit to this, according to Quantum, is that users only pay for the storage they use.

Other vendors that offer SaaS include Kaminario, which recently expanded its SaaS offerings with metered usage payments, disaster recovery (DR) and service usage on the public cloud.

SaaS is generally considered a good choice for small or midsize enterprises. It can save money by eliminating the need for personnel to implement and maintain a storage infrastructure, as well as reduce DR risks and provide long-term record retention.

All new offerings are now available.

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