Newest version of CloudNAS now available

CloudNAS 4.2 is now available, and it includes updates such as new support for JumpCloud and OpenLDAP. Additionally, CacheDrive can now be integrated with third-party applications.

Morro Data has released the 4.2 update for CloudNAS, a product that combines an on-premises cache appliance and a distributed file system.

CloudNAS uses the Morro Global File System in the cloud and Morro CacheDrive on premises in an effort to provide quick file access and syncing among multiple sites. The product provides multisite file server consolidation, cloud backup and archive for files and virtual machines, and design collaboration. It currently supports cloud storage providers Amazon Web Services, Wasabi, Backblaze and Microsoft SharePoint.

The CloudNAS 4.2 update includes the following:

  • Morro Migrate. Moves data from on-premises file servers to the cloud automatically.
  • Morro Audit. Provides session and event logging to track usage history to ensure data security and police requirement compliance.
  • SharePoint Sync. Enables Office 365 SharePoint users to access the document library at local area networks with cloud-to-cloud backup.
  • JumpCloud and OpenLDAP support. Users can now integrate with JumpCloud and OpenLDAP.
  • Additional Azure Active Directory management. Customers can now import users or groups and set roles and permissions.
  • Incoming and outgoing APIs. Enables CacheDrive integration with third-party applications.
  • Single namespace. Users can store different data types in a single namespace.
  • New subscription plans. Users can choose between business, enterprise and design collaboration plans and between physical or virtual machine CacheDrives to fit needs and budgets.

A growing number of IT managers are currently working to decide between NAS backup and cloud backup, with the size of the organization playing into the final decision. According to Morro Data, CloudNAS aims to combine the advantages of both NAS and cloud backup for small and medium-sized businesses, whereas vendors such as Panzura or Nasuni provide cloud and NAS integration for larger enterprises.

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