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Test yourself on Fibre Channel basics and the latest updates

Are you up to speed on Fibre Channel? Take our quiz to find out if you know how the storage networking technology works and the latest updates.

With the advent of NVMe-oF, storage pros are taking a closer look at their organization's network fabric. They're examining the performance, cost and ease of management of the network topology they have in place and assessing the other storage network topology options.

NVMe over Fibre Channel provides a methodology for connecting storage resources over an FC network and transferring data efficiently and securely among those resources. It's more important than ever to understand the basics of storage network fabrics, including Fibre Channel basics, which is what the following quiz covers.

FC has had a significant presence in SANs for decades. However, Ethernet development in recent years has cut into FC's dominance in storage. Nevertheless, it maintains a solid presence in the enterprise. One advantage of NVMe over FC is that it was designed to fit into existing SAN fabric infrastructure and doesn't require new hardware or infrastructure to implement.

With this quiz, you can test your knowledge of Fibre Channel basics and recent updates. We'll examine how the networking fabric works, what advances came with the latest version and why enterprises are upgrading to the latest version. You can also check whether you know the challenges FC poses, how NVMe over FC works and the role of FC over Ethernet.

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