Desktop as a service virtually eases deployment, hosting woes

Last updated:July 2019

Editor's note

IT professionals have several options for offering virtual desktops, and one of the key decision points is whether to choose desktop as a service. With a DaaS subscription, IT relies on an outside vendor to host, manage and deliver virtual desktops to its users.

This decision isn't all-or-nothing. Some companies rely on DaaS vendors in addition to hosting some of their desktops.

DaaS can help IT focus on more critical tasks instead of day-to-day virtual desktop troubleshooting and management. But companies must be certain they have the budget for a subscription since the costs can add up over time.

1Comparing on-premises VDI to DaaS

Desktop as a service is an alternative to traditional on-premises VDI, but they're both viable options for delivering virtual desktops. Before IT professionals get too excited about the possibility of offloading virtual desktop management, they should learn about the benefits that each hosting method offers.

2Get to know the major players

The DaaS market is dynamic and still growing, so IT professionals must stay up to date with the latest vendors and understand exactly what they offer. Learn about the existing DaaS offerings to determine the best fit.

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