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Test your knowledge of VDI vs. RDS for desktop hosting

RDS and VDI each offer benefits for certain use cases. Test yourself to see if you know when RDS is a good idea and when organizations should opt for VDI.

When IT professionals consider how they will host their desktops and applications, two of the top choices are VDI and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.

Running virtual desktops and apps on VDI gives IT professionals more control over the applications they can deploy, but the storage cost per user is high. Microsoft RDS, however, minimizes the storage cost while sacrificing a bit of customization. In general, VDI is a better option for more complex deployments with different user types, and RDS is a better fit for organizations with many users who require the same applications and amount of resources.

Test your knowledge of the key factors in the VDI vs. RDS debate and how IT can use each technology.

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