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Spotlight on application delivery at BriForum 2013

With more employees requiring remote access and complex apps, application delivery has evolved. And as users' needs have changed, so has IT's.

That evolution took center stage at BriForum 2013 in Chicago, where attendees and speakers focused on technologies that have responded to today's mobile and remote workforce. Now, many application management vendors are focusing on delivering only the apps that users need, rather than putting out app-virtualization-only tools.

Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth, independent industry analysts and bloggers -- and founders of the annual conference -- talked about application delivery on the show floor. In this video, learn how FSLogix, a startup that came out of stealth mode at BriForum, helps IT turn applications on and off with access and visibility policies. Brian and Gabe also discuss Faronics' Deep Freeze, a technology that freezes the state of a Windows desktop -- and can essentially turn a machine into a robust thin client.

Of course, mobility was a big topic as well. Brian explains how desktop admins have to deal with the needs of mobile workers -- and why they need to come to terms with enterprise mobility management.

Plus, stay tuned for more about the guys' ongoing efforts to build their own pinball machine.

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