Adrian Fernandez

Adrian Fernandez

Microcontroller Development Experience Manager, Texas Instruments

Adrian Fernandez is the microcontroller development experience manager at Texas Instruments. In this role, he is responsible for defining the microcontroller development ecosystem and augmenting the way developers interact with TI's microcontroller portfolio through hardware and software tools. Adrian also founded the TI LaunchPad™ Development Kit Ecosystem -- an offering of open source, easy-to-use modular hardware kits that enable developers to iterate through rapid prototyping and quickly move to production. Through this ecosystem, Adrian has helped define and release tools that get developers to market quickly with differentiated solutions, while ensuring product/market fit.

Since joining TI, Adrian has worked with a wide variety of customers, including hardware startups, students, makers and Fortune 100 companies. Through these interactions, Adrian has helped define the next generation of tools that are helping developers use TI technology to innovate and solve difficult problems more efficiently.

Adrian holds a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, concentrating on embedded systems and digital signal processing. He lives with his wife Ellen and pug Ollie in Dallas.

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