TechTarget News - Week of Jan 08, 2017

Git repos hide secret keys, rooted out by Truffle Hog

Truffle Hog utility roots out and detects text blobs with enough entropy to be secret keys -- even those buried deep in old Git repositories -- to prevent exploits.

Brexit should not hinder 5G development, says report

A report commissioned by the government claims the UK’s 2016 vote to leave the European Union should have minimal impact on the country’s ability to lead on the development of 5G networks

Cisco market share report shows big lead for the vendor

This week, a report shows a big lead in Cisco market share in multiple segments; Ericsson extends its Cisco partnership; and Extreme targets retailers with new products.

Seeking truth in network device configuration

This week, bloggers look into network device configuration, the tools the next generation of network engineers will require and security scalability.

IBM DS8880 arrays adopt PCIe 3 in all-flash versions

The expansion of the IBM DS8880 hardware line introduces all-flash models designed around the vendor's High-Performance Flash Enclosure Gen2 to support PCIe 3.0, but not yet NVMe.

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