TechTarget News - Week of May 21, 2017

Windows 7 accounts for most WannaCry infections

Statistics show that computers running Windows 7 accounted for the biggest proportion of machines infected with the WannaCry ransomware, while NHS suppliers are blamed for hampering patching by NHS trusts

HSBC voice authentication tricked by twins

Twin brothers managed to trick HSBC’s voice recognition security system into giving account access to the wrong person

Dutch railway uses IoT to reduce people jams

Railway stations in The Netherlands are monitoring the movement of travellers to manage traffic flow and reduce people jams

Atlassian spurs DevOps adoption for the enterprise

Atlassian adds new features to Bitbucket and Bamboo to enhance DevOps security and reliability, as well as to simplify the build process for developers.

Infinite io clusters its network storage controller

The Infinite io network storage controller 'bump on the wire' proxy scans storage to capture metadata in flight and speed movement of inactive files to the cloud.

EternalRocks worm combines seven leaked NSA attack tools

Hard on the heels of the WannaCry ransomware attacks, a researcher has found a worm that combines four NSA exploits and associated attack tools, including EternalBlue used by WannaCry

Racetrack Memory products in five years, says IBM fellow

Millennium Prize winner Stuart Parkin says flash and 2D methods of storage are fatally limited – Racetrack Memory offers 100x the capacity without flash’s wear issues

Veritas HyperScale storage software extends OpenStack

Veritas expands beyond data protection with HyperScale storage software to give OpenStack users added quality of service, data protection and management capabilities.

Q&A: GDPR compliance tips from CSPi's Gary Southwell

With one year left, it's time to prioritize GDPR compliance; Gary Southwell, CSPi's general manager, offers advice for protecting personal data under the EU's new privacy regulation.

HPE flash upgrade covers 3PAR, MSA, new Nimble array

Hewlett Packard Enterprise previews flash upgrades to 3PAR StoreServe and hybrid MSA systems, plus its first Nimble Storage array for reusing backup and copy data.

Voting machine hacking to be taken on at DEFCON 2017

Possible voting machine hacking has been a topic of conversation since before the 2016 election and at DEFCON 2017; professional pentesters will find out what damage can be done.

Genband-Sonus merger spotlights real-time communication tools

In UC news this week, Genband and Sonus are set to merge; Polycom and Zoom combine forces; and Genesys updates its contact-center platform with artificial intelligence tools.

Samba vulnerability brings WannaCry fears to Linux/Unix

A widespread Samba vulnerability has raised the possibility of attacks similar to WannaCry hitting Linux and Unix systems, but mitigation options are available.

GDPR requirements: Channel should educate U.S. customers

GDPR will go into effect in May 2018, yet many U.S. organizations are only now understanding how the regulation may apply to them; other news from the week.

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