TechTarget News - Week of Sep 03, 2017

AWS eyes Australian government growth

Amazon Web Services is eyeing the Australian public sector for growth, with increased budgets and IT disasters in the past pushing government organisations towards the public cloud

Tegile set to compete with big six with cheaper arrays, says CEO

Tegile’s takeover by Western Digital will propel it to competition with the big six storage array makers, as well as bring economies of scale and see NVMf and 3D Xpoint products

Middle East CIO interview: Rajiv Prasad, Xpandretail

IT head at customer analytics provider Xpandretail says the CIO role is increasingly important as businesses digitise, but warns that CIOs must be given the human resources they need

Microsoft will give legal aid to its 39 Dreamers

Tech chiefs have spoken out against President Trump's plans to pull the plug on the US Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals programme. Now Microsoft's legal chief has promised to provide legal support to affected staff

Developers won't ask bosses for help

Software developers are turning to YouTube to find out how to solve technical problems, rather than asking for help from colleagues

Cloudian CEO sees favorable trends in object storage market

Cloudian CEO Michael Tso notes favorable trends for object storage: Capacities are increasing to petabytes, and customers want to use different clouds for different workloads.

SHA-1 hashes recovered for 320M breached passwords

Security researchers once again proved how easy it can be to recover SHA-1 hashes by cracking the hashes on nearly 320 million passwords related to data breaches.

The storage controller has to go, says Scale Computing CEO

Hyper-converged appliance maker Scale Computing says it achieved near bare metal performance from NVMe by doing away with controller functionality. Is this the end of the SAN?

VMware network security improves with AppDefense launch

Bloggers examine AppDefense -- a new VMware network security offering -- and look into synchronizing BGP and OSPF, as well as the capabilities of new Savvius analytics.

Dragonfly 2.0 hacker group seen targeting U.S. power grid

Security researchers claim to be tracking a threat group called Dragonfly 2.0 hacker group that has been attacking critical infrastructure and setting up persistent infections on ICS networks.

Atlassian Stride UCaaS product marks the end of HipChat

Atlassian Stride, a new UCaaS product, is expected to eventually replace the Atlassian HipChat team messaging application. The new product is expected to compete with Cisco, Microsoft and Slack.

Millions of customer records compromised in Equifax breach

Major security breach unfolded over a two-month period, and is thought to have affected 143 million customers in the US, as well as an undisclosed number of Britons and Canadians

Apache Struts vulnerability affects versions since 2008

A researcher discovered a remotely exploitable Apache Struts vulnerability being actively exploited in the wild. A patch was released, and users were urged to update software immediately.

Six new vulnerabilities in Android bootloaders uncovered

News roundup: Researchers used the new BootStomp tool to uncover six vulnerabilities in Android bootloaders. Plus, a new wave of AWS S3 bucket data leaks strikes and more.

Government recovers £645m for BDUK broadband roll-out

The government has recovered £645m of funding to be reinvested in future broadband roll-out through a mix of clauses in its BDUK contracts with BT and project savings

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