TechTarget News - Week of Jun 05, 2022

Micron to deploy mmWave in Singapore fab

The US chipmaker is leveraging Singtel’s 5G mmWave connectivity to roll out a range of Industry 4.0 applications at its cleanroom in Singapore

Mobile computing prospects looking solid

Research from Context and Canalys should provide some cheer for those in the channel that handle mobile computing hardware

In digital transformation, telecom needs a partner boost

Legacy business models and risk avoidance leave many telecom firms behind in the race to innovate, but the partner ecosystem could spark their progress; more IT channel news.

MacOS malware attacks slipping through the cracks

Apple security specialist Patrick Wardle told RSA Conference 2022 attendees that some of the worst security flaws in the macOS operating system come from overlooked bits of code.

Contact center orchestration features on tap from Genesys

Genesys is set to productize contact center technology from LogMeIn Bold360, and Pointillist acquisitions to better compete with Microsoft, Zoom and Salesforce.

Cybereason: Paying ransoms leads to more ransomware attacks

Cybereason found that the majority of organizations that pay threat actors to decrypt data are attacked again -- usually within a month and at the hands of the same attackers.

DataRobot AI hits Google Cloud Marketplace, adds GitHub

The AI vendor puts its products on Google Cloud Marketplace and integrates with GitHub and other major online platforms including Sumo Logic, Splunk, Datadog and Zendesk.

DNI Avril Haines: Cybersecurity is getting harder

During her RSA Conference 2022 keynote, the U.S. Director of National Intelligence discussed the increase in cyber threats, from nation-state attacks to commercial hacking tools.

MongoDB 6.0 set to bring analytics to NoSQL database

The vendor plans to update its database technology with new capabilities including queryable encryption and columnstore index to accelerate data analytics queries.

Microsoft details zero-trust transition, challenges

Over the past three years, Microsoft has moved to a zero-trust framework. Security engineers outlined the transition and its challenges during a session at RSA Conference 2022.

Russia looks towards import substitution in its IT sector

The exodus of Western IT companies from Russia and sanctions imposed on the country amid its military invasion of Ukraine are leading to shortages of IT and professionals in the sector

Ransomware Task Force calls for better incident reporting

Michael Phillips, co-chair of the Ransomware Task Force and chief claims officer at Resilience, pointed to a 'data gap' that prohibits a complete picture of the ransomware problem.

Microsoft flags common pitfalls for cyber insurance

Cyber insurance is getting more expensive and tougher to acquire. At RSA Conference 2022, Microsoft's Cynthia James discussed the common mistakes made when obtaining coverage.

Epicor ERP gets integration automation capabilities

Epicor released Epicor Automation Studio, an integration PaaS embedded into its ERP systems, Epicor Kinetic for manufacturing and Prophet 21 for distribution.

APAC life sciences firms face HPC challenges

More than half of pharmaceutical and biotech companies expect over 10% growth in genomic workloads but are facing scalability and other challenges with their HPC infrastructure

ProxyLogon, ProxyShell may have driven increase in dwell times

The median network intruder dwell time was up 36% to 15 days last year, thanks to massive exploitation of the ProxyLogon and ProxyShell vulnerabilities by IABs, according to new Sophos data

Enterprises overspending on cloud services

The channel needs to help users address some of the factors that are causing them to get frustrated about their experiences of cloud computing

Pure FlashBlade//S and Evergreen//Flex boost as-a-service push

FlashBlade//S brings two new arrays in which customers can upgrade controllers and capacity, while //Flex allows capacity to be bought and moved across any QLC or TLC Pure array

OpenJS World 2022 highlights what's new in web standards

At OpenJS World 2022, a keynote panel discussed efforts focused on improving interoperability and evolving web standards, and commiserated on how some things will never change.

Apple Mac performance, features boost business appeal

The upcoming MacBook Air and Pro models will feature Apple's high-performing M2 chip, which will help workers in creative businesses edit videos and images faster.

Companies ready for rocky economic HR tech market

When adopting HR tools from startups, managers protect themselves from economic trouble in the HR tech market with careful analysis before investing.

IBM winding down its Russian business

After three months in suspension, IBM’s operations in Russia are being wound down, CEO tells staff

Cyber researchers step in to fill Patch Tuesday’s shoes

Afraid you’ll miss Patch Tuesday when it’s gone? You’re not alone, but security analysts at Recorded Future are taking action to help the community come to terms with its loss

SolarWinds CEO offers to commit staffers to government cyber agencies

A new proposal from SolarWinds’ outspoken CEO, Sudhakar Ramakrishna, could see software companies commit key staff to work with government cyber agencies to improve cooperation and incident response

Sage lifts lid on channel skills concerns

Vendor shares research that reveals the channel is looking to bolster expertise to support customers as well as their own businesses

OpenTelemetry inspires CDF's event-driven architecture plan

The CDEvents project and others like it aspire to standardize how CI/CD pipeline tools share data, filling a role similar to OpenTelemetry's in the observability realm.

Mandiant: Cyberextortion schemes increasing pressure to pay

At RSA Conference 2022, Mandiant executives discussed how attackers are pulling out all the stops to pressure victims to pay, from DDoS attacks to harassing victims' customers.

Datamart a new self-service developer tool in Power BI

The capability, now in in preview, will enable Premium customers to build small to midsize relational databases dedicated to a single subject, without requiring code.

CrowdStrike demonstrates dangers of container escape attacks

CrowdStrike gave a live demonstration at RSA Conference 2022 of how an attacker can use a recently discovered Kubernetes flaw to obtain full control over a container's host system.

Increasing importance of analytics an opportunity for ISVs

With more organizations looking to data to inform decision-making, there's a growing need for the services of independent software vendors and data providers.

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