TechTarget News - Week of Nov 13, 2022

Orange Belgium sets new 5G standard in Liège

Belgian subsidiary of global telco adds to portfolio of 5G Labs in the country, showcasing new 5G use cases together with industries local to key city of Wallonia

Private 5G drives sustainable and agile industrial operations

Consortium of companies spanning industrial automation, 5G networking infrastructure technology and network service provision team up to enable industrial private 5G application uses cases within manufacturing and process operations

Orange takes 5G to Africa

New healthcare, education and security services to be enabled in Southern African country as global telco unveils first affiliate in continent of Africa to launch 5G commercially

HPE's low-end supercomputers take aim at the AI market

HPE rolls out lower-cost supercomputers designed to handle complex AI-based workloads. Dell looks to meet its longtime rival in the middle with its highest-end HPC offering.

Moreno Valley school system shores up ransomware defenses

Moreno Valley Unified School District officials discuss the steps they've taken to better protect sensitive data and critical applications against the growing threat of ransomware.

VMware adds multi-cloud management tools

VMware debuted HCX+, a managed service for multi-cloud data centers, as well as Kubernetes capabilities for private clouds and more SD-WAN points of presence.

Intel deepfake detector raises questions

The vendor created a detector that uses facial blood flow to determine if a video subject is fake or real. However, its effectiveness to detect a real or fake video is unclear.

Sadiq Khan launches Data for London Advisory Board

Board will look at how to join up and share data between public and private London organisations in an effort to build a stronger data economy and improve public services

Inside Singapore’s public sector IT strategy

Adopting a platform approach with products that can scale across the board and building a strong engineering bench are some of the key aspects in Singapore’s public sector IT strategy

Hispasat, Sencinet expand satellite broadband in Mexico

New agreement between managed services and solutions network integrator and satellite communications operator expands and extends currently contracted capacity until December 2024

NHS Scotland extends video consultation scheme

The Scottish Near Me video consultation platform can now be used in community settings such as libraries and health and care centres for GP appointments, hospital appointments, care homes, dietetics and mental health support

APP fraud volumes expected to double by 2026, says report

Losses to authorised push payment fraud in the UK are expected to climb to over $1.5bn in the next four years. Meanwhile, the NAO accuses the Home Office of lagging on progress to tackle the issue

Wi-Fi Alliance says momentum underscores need for entire 6GHz spectrum

Consortium of companies delivering products and services based on key wireless technology insists that recent new product availability and large-scale deployments from its members demonstrate readiness of Wi-Fi 6E standard

SAP Build launched at TechEd to appeal to business user developers

SAP is launching a low-code platform, SAP Build, aimed squarely at line of business users, at its TechEd conference in Las Vegas. Build is part of the supplier’s Business Technology Platform

Cohesity launches Data Security Alliance for customers

Cohesity has formed a Data Security Alliance of 12 companies and will launch its DataHawk security service in early 2023. Both are aimed at consolidating offerings for customers.

Women more likely to leave tech jobs than men

Dropout of women in tech is higher than that of men, with women more likely to leave the industry, according to research from InnovateHer

5G gains pace, gigabit steady as Vodafone faces off H1 headwinds

Comms group claims significant progress with portfolio strategy in the first half of FY23 to create industrial scale, enable accelerated growth and unlock value and sees service revenue growth of 2.5%

Knime unveils collaboration hub for analytics, data science

Built to complement Knime's Analytics Platform, the cloud-native hub is an environment for sharing, collaborating and launching data tools into production across organizations.

Celonis aims to deepen and democratize process mining

Celonis unveiled Process Sphere, enabling companies to create maps across functional areas, and Business Miner, which moves process analysis from data analysts to business users.

Twitter users experience apparent SMS 2FA disruption

The 2FA notification disruption occurred after CEO Elon Musk announced plans to shutter a majority of Twitter's microservices, though reasons for the outage are unconfirmed.

Redpanda updates event data streaming cloud platform

The event data streaming vendor rebuilt its cloud system using technology acquired in April, providing a new user console and interface to let organizations use real-time data.

Tableau packages tools in Analytics Performance Bundle

The combination of four tools comes at a cost savings for customers and is designed to better enable users to derive value from data by providing all needed capabilities in one.

Global network fragmentation a source of increasing risk

Risk consultancy’s report says the weaponisation of cyber space and geopolitical clashes herald a breakdown of global networks into distinct regional or national architectures

Rapid7 discloses more F5 BIG-IP vulnerabilities

While the severity of the issues is relatively low, F5 devices are commonly targeted by attackers to gain persistence inside a network.

PlanetScale boosts cloud database with data caching

The database vendor will enable users to speed up queries that are running slowly with its new Boost service, which uses insights about query performance.

Alteryx launches SaaS version of Designer in Analytics Cloud

The fully cloud-native version of Designer furthers the vendor's move toward the cloud, which began in early 2022 with the launch of its first cloud-based suite of tools.

SAP low-code platform looks to fill developer gaps

SAP Build, a new low-code platform that debuted at SAP TechEd, is designed to enable business users to create apps, but it's entering a noisy market and may struggle to find users.

Finding what differentiates Cerebras' AI supercomputer

The vendor's new technology enables organizations that might not have the money to build their own supercomputer to try the technology and see what they can accomplish with it.

Atlassian Open DevOps tools stitch together more workflows

As all-in-one DevOps tools vendors grow, Atlassian argues users want choice; customers say third-party tools integration is a timesaver, but the company faces headwinds.

Microsoft CEO outlines ‘digital imperatives’

Organisations that want to do more with less will have to think deeply about digital imperatives such as the shift to cloud and artificial intelligence, says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Nokia, TPG Telecom set new 5G uplink speed record in Australia

Operator and comms tech provider claim 2Gbps upstream, stressing the criticality of fast uplink speed to support industrial and IoT applications running over next-generation networks

What Microsoft, Nvidia AI supercomputer partnership means

The public cloud supercomputer will incorporate A100 and H100 GPUs and the chipmaker's AI enterprise software suite. It will enable enterprises to build large AI models at scale.

LockBit ransomware activity nose-dived in October

LockBit, the most prolific ransomware group in 2022, had itself a down month as GuidePoint Security researchers reported a 49% decrease in its infections for October.

IGEL pulls plug on thin client hardware

Firm will focus on software going forward as it reveals it will no longer sell hardware from the end of the first quarter of 2023

Scality Ring 9 brings Storage Accelerator enhanced flash tiers

Scality upgrade to Ring 9 of its object (and file) storage software sees enhancements to tiering, the introduction of Prometheus-based monitoring and hooks into VMware vCloud Director

CISA: Iranian APT actors compromised federal network

CISA said Iranian nation-state actors exploited Log4Shell flaws on an unpatched VMware Horizon server before deploying a cryptominer and attempting to gain persistent access.

Alluxio 2.9 scales out open source data orchestration

Multi-environment cluster synchronization lands in Alluxio platform to give organizations a single view of data across multiple deployments, wherever they are located.

Google settlement heightens focus on data practices

Google's nearly $400 million settlement over user location data shows regulators want to hold companies accountable, but still need stronger legislation to do so effectively.

Server-side WebAssembly prepares for takeoff in 2023

Server-side WebAssembly is still a work in progress, but engineers at Adobe and BMW say it shows promise for fast, flexible app management among cloud and edge environments.

Magecart malware menaces Magento merchants

Sansec researchers say as many as 38% of commercial customers running the Adobe Commerce and Magento platforms could be infected with Magecart's TrojanOrders malware.

Enterprises embrace SD-WAN but miss benefits of integrated approach to security

Research from managed network and security services provider finds virtually all enterprises have deployed software-defined wide area networks or plan to do so within the next 24 months, but nearly half reported they either don’t have security integrated with SD-WAN or have no specific SD-WAN security at all

Pioneer behind IT systems design dies

Peter Hermon’s career spanned IT and management, including deploying LEO computers in industry and the integration of IT systems when BA was formed

Bayer's compliance automation pays off

Bayer global head of compliance and data privacy Thomas Pfennig discusses LPC Express, an automation project for law, patents and compliance across the massive enterprise.

TigerGraph Cloud update adds ML, data visualization tools

The latest from the graph database vendor includes a feature that enables users to build visuals without writing code and another that lets data scientists use familiar tools.

Microsoft eyes new market with supply chain platform

Microsoft used to run its supply chain operations on Excel spreadsheets; now it's providing the building blocks for companies to collect data from various applications.

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