TechTarget News - Week of Jun 11, 2023

How Dell is easing edge deployments

Dell’s NativeEdge platform could make it easier to deploy and manage edge computing applications and infrastructure through validated designs for industry-specific applications use cases

Elisa taps Ericsson for 5G standalone first

Nordic operator and leading comms tech provider claim successful launch of in-service software upgrade capability dual-mode 5G Core solution that powers live production 5G standalone network

Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

A number of personnel moves across the industry have caught our eye over the past week

Veeam execs examine backup and security blend, other trends

Veeam leaders break down how cybersecurity issues have changed the data protection conversation. The discussion also details future plans, such as in SaaS backup and potential IPO.

Salesforce unveils AI Cloud with new Einstein GPT Trust Layer

AI Cloud houses the Einstein GPT Trust Layer with generative AI safety features, including data masking to remove personal information from data sent to large language models.

Ofcom data stolen in MOVEit cyber attack

Communications regulator Ofcom says data on employees and regulated communications companies was stolen by the Clop gang

SES CEO to step down

As the market environment rapidly changes and grows substantially, leading satellite operator’s chief executive announces departure

Apple Vision Pro may energize adoption of VR/AR learning

The cost of Apple Vision Pro, its new AR/VR product, might inhibit enterprise adoption. But the hands-free platform, controlled by gestures, could drive new types of content.

MoveIT Transfer attacks highlight SQL injection risks

Security vendors say SQL injection flaws, like the zero-day vulnerability recently disclosed by Progress Software, can be challenging for companies to identify and resolve.

Nvidia and Hexagon collab to create digital twin products

The vendors will integrate Hexagon's reality capture technology and Nexus manufacturing platforms with Omniverse, Nvidia's system for developing and creating metaverse apps.

RISC-V rises to software ecosystem challenge

The open source hardware and software system on a chip specification has recognised the need to coordinate low-level software development

Enterprise and industrial metaverses exceeding expectations

Across use cases, particularly industrial and enterprise, early metaverse adopters report benefits more often than companies still in the planning phase, with capex reduction and sustainability showing largest difference

Delayed Making Tax Digital programme to cost taxpayers extra £1.5bn

HM Revenue and Customs’ (HMRC) Making Tax Digital programme, which is running several years behind schedule, is expected to cost five times more than planned, National Audit Office (NAO) report finds

VergeIO's new IOfortify halts ransomware spread

Diminutive snapshots, a new alert system and code improvements empower the software of HCI vendor VergeIO against ransomware attacks in its latest release.

Ctera's Ransom Protect update helps guard file system

A new update to Ctera's file gateway offering adds ransomware protection into the file system itself, protecting data with AI-powered detection and alerts.

Salesforce moves forward with secure, private generative AI

With its new AI Cloud and built-in Einstein GPT Trust Layer, The CRM and CX vendor is investing in generative AI technology and adding data security and privacy features.

Arnold Clark data leak victims prepare legal action

More than 10,000 people who had their data stolen and leaked in a ransomware attack on the Arnold Clark car dealer network have signed up to a group legal action after facing elevated amounts of fraud

UK government unveils plan to boost connectivity

UK authorities announce scheme to improve connectivity across the country, with satellite-based service kicking off in Scottish islands, a new smart street furniture programme and an agreement with Australia to increase telecoms diversity

IT services firms seek growth in generative AI services

Partners launch specialized offerings and practices to address enterprise customer demand, citing generative AI's innovation and optimization potential.

Mandiant: New VMware ESXi zero-day used by Chinese APT

VMware said the ESXi flaw was 'low severity' despite being under active exploitation because it requires the attacker to already have gained root access on the target's system.

June Patch Tuesday settles two Exchange Server bugs

Microsoft's plans for upcoming security hardening in Kerberos and Netlogon protocols will have admins busy with testing over the next several weeks.

How an ML engineer cut his teeth in AI

Machine learning engineer Saurabh Agarwal talks up his career journey in artificial intelligence and what it takes for one to succeed in the field

Ericsson teams with Intel and HPE for first Cloud RAN call

Comms tech provider claims industry first in accelerating the availability of Cloud RAN advancements, enabling improved network capacity, performance and energy efficiency

Clop’s MOVEit ransom deadline expires

A seven-day deadline set by Clop for victims of its latest attack to contact it to arrange payment passes today

No zero-days for June Patch Tuesday, but plenty to chew over

On the face of it, Microsoft’s monthly round of updates is a lighter-than-usual load for security teams, with no zero-days in evidence, but there are still plenty of issues needing attention

Smart meter value eroded by tech issues

The smart meter roll-out, which is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the UK, is facing a number of long-term technical challenges

Pure takes aim at HDDs with FlashArray for colder storage

Pure Storage added a new, cost-efficient model to its FlashArray line expanding potential uses cases. It's also rolling out new controller upgrades and data protection SLAs.

EU AI act passes a significant milestone

The European Union’s AI Act will ban the use of artificial intelligence to profile people based on race or gender and prohibit use of biometric identification in public spaces

HashiCorp Vault trims SaaS; Boundary hooks up Enterprise

HashiCorp Vault's appeal to a broader field of users gets a boost from a new entry-level cloud service, while a new Boundary Enterprise targets the high end of the market.

Ransomware-stricken Capita to run Action Fraud successor

A £50m deal to replace the Action Fraud service has been handed to PwC and Capita, which is facing investigations over its handling of customer data in a ransomware incident

Informatica adds data governance with Privitar acquisition

By acquiring the access control specialist, the data management vendor hopes to better enable users to ensure data security amid the growing complexity of their data operations.

State governments among victims of MoveIT Transfer breach

The Clop ransomware gang, which claimed responsibility for multiple data breaches tied to the MoveIT Transfer flaw, said it would delete data stolen from government agencies.

Conflicts, questions over generative AI at SHRM

At the SHRM conference this week, the increased use of AI, especially generative AI, in HR was a major focus. Discussions centered on skills, regulation and use cases.

NBN Co sets out to achieve net-zero by 2050

Australia’s national broadband network operator plans to tap renewable energy and roll out energy-efficient fibre as part of its longer-term target to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050

Vodafone, Three merge UK businesses

Leading telcos come together to create UK’s third large-scale UK operator designed to level competitive playing field and increase competition to UK’s two leading converged operators

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030: Progress report

Halfway into its plan to give the country a makeover by 2030, Saudi Arabia’s emphasis on technology is starting to pay off

Clop begins naming alleged MOVEit victims

Clop uploaded details of 12 new victims to its dark web leak site late on 14 June, many of them likely linked to the ongoing MOVEit cyber attack

NCSC warns over ‘enduring’ LockBit threat

Although its activity volumes have been lower of late, LockBit is still a highly dangerous ransomware gang and is now the subject of a new international cyber advisory

Technology secretary Chloe Smith announces £54m package for AI

In her speech at London Tech Week, Smith launched funding to support a series of AI initiatives, including creating a research and innovation ecosystem for trustworthy and responsible AI, and developing AI technologies to help the UK reach its net-zero targets

Consumers look ahead with caution as connected device usage increases

Survey shows connected device usage on the rise in the US, with 5G a catalyst for driving smartphone upgrades during the past year. Yet inflation and the global cost-of-living crisis are making consumers take a cautious approach to spending

Monte Carlo boosts data observability with generative AI

The vendor unveiled tools aimed at improving engineering efficiency, one enabling data engineers to more easily fix code and another enabling code generation with natural language.

Qualcomm unveils video collaboration platform suite

Mobile technology giant unveils suite of artificial intelligence-based platforms focused on collaboration devices to accelerate design and deployment of variety video-conferencing product

CISA SBOM standards efforts stymied by confusion, inertia

Efforts to establish SBOM standards and guidance have progressed, but unanswered questions persist -- including how the federal government plans to enforce its own requirements.

Chinese nation-state actor behind Barracuda ESG attacks

Mandiant said the zero-day attacks on Barracuda Email Security Gateway appliances were part of a 'wide-ranging campaign in support of the People's Republic of China.'

NetSuite ERP aims to reconcile the books faster

The new NetSuite Account Reconciliation module provides intelligence and automation for NetSuite ERP customers, allowing improved account matching and shortening account closings.

Server prices drop while cloud costs rise in PPI data

The U.S. government's latest inflation reading shows moderating hardware prices, which spiked in mid-2022. Cloud costs, however, have been moving in the opposite direction.

Tableau analytics platform tightens connection to Salesforce

The update includes a tightened connection to Salesforce aimed at making it easier for joint customers to work with their customer data. The update also provides more functions.

Lenovo ups ante on AI infrastructure investments

Lenovo is investing $1bn over three years to expand its artificial intelligence infrastructure offerings, including services to help organisations deploy and tap AI capabilities in a responsible manner

Toulouse Métropole looks to boost connectivity with private 5G, IP/MPLS

Local authority for southern French region unveils plan to install a private, shared, multi-service 5G and IP/MPLS infrastructure to offer very high-speed mobile access services to innovation areas, improve municipal and mobility services and enhance public safety

Latest ONS data shows that 10% of UK businesses plan to adopt AI

The Office for National Statistics has found that UK adults are aware they have been using AI-based chatbots, and approximately one in six businesses are implementing AI applications

BBVA uses AI and analytics services from AWS

BBVA invests in Amazon Web Services cloud platforms to help transform itself into an organisation driven by AI and data

SHRM CEO addresses AI 'nightmare' in HR

SHRM is pushing back against predictions that AI in HR will lead to job losses. The association's CEO Johnny Taylor believes AI will augment HR roles.

Core to Cloud signals shift to MSP approach

Security player cuts the ribbon on its first services, makes a major hire to support the moves and indicates more plans are in the pipeline

Customers want MSPs to give more cloud analytics

With many users finding the cloud is costing them more than they expected, the call for increased insights is becoming an emerging theme

U.S. government agencies breached via MoveIt Transfer flaw

CISA Director Jen Easterly said 'several' U.S. agencies suffered intrusions via their MoveIt Transfer instances, but have not seen significant effects from the attacks.

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