Maven is an Apache Software Foundation build tool for project management that automates Java projects. Maven is a part of and hosted by the Apache software foundation. The tool originated from a part of the Jakarta Project.

Maven makes the software building process easier, provides a uniform system for building, quality project information, guideline best practices development and transparent migration to new features. Maven both describes how software is built and describes its dependencies. Apache both helps manage projects and serves as a comprehension tool. It serves to show the state of a project very quickly.

The program is used by developers and project managers of java applications projects. The tool can be useful for demonstrating the current state of a project at a glance for those less technical, including management and investors.

Maven is based on the project object model. Projects are stored as a Pom.xml file. The tool manages project builds, reporting and documentation from the central XML information base. With a standard plug-in architecture, maven can make use of any application through standard input.

Maven substantially eases the process of building Java applications. Maven’s ability to make checking the status of a project more relatable.

The name Maven comes from the Yiddish word meaning accumulator of knowledge.  Though the software builds from convention, reproducible builds are not currently a feature though developers are working on it.

This was last updated in August 2019

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