Tyk is an open source application program interface (API) gateway management tool. Many sites and services are delivered by way of RESTful APIs. Tyk, as an API gateway management tool, connects RESTful APIs to each other. The name Tyk rhymes with the word bike. 

Tyk is used to connect APIs without the user having to worry about maintaining forks, third party dependencies or purchasing SaaS add-ons. Tyk can handle as many as 50,000 daily requests.  The software can be used in cloud, hybrid (with the gateway in your own infrastructure) and on premises.

Tyk is used by Cisco, Capital One, SK, AXA, Sephora and more. Global partners, system integrators and resellers of Tyk include: DDB Labs, BoxBoat, Hunter_Strategy, Funlab, ArchitechGroup, El-Az, Fusion Consulting Services, Palo IT, IQuest and more.

Tyk has been described as "the thing that connects the thing to the other thing." Connecting programs, sites and services that normally would not be directly able to exchange data, Tyk provides users with the means to control the APIs. The three main components of Tyk are its:

  • Gateway - application traffic is handled by this proxy.
  • Dashboard - the user interface for monitoring and controlling the APIs.
  • Pump - the component which persists metric data before passing it on to a database such as MongoDB, ElasticSearch or InfluxDB.

Tyk is written in Golang and runs on Golang’s HTTP server.  Tyk is offered in an open source version and also through paid commercial and free licensed options. Developers may use Tyk to develop for free until they need it commercially.

This was last updated in August 2019

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