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Microservices development isn't a cakewalk ... do you know why?

Microservices offer many benefits, but not without certain implications. This quiz will test your knowledge on both the positive and negative impacts of microservices development.

It seems like every day, there are more organizations marching toward the promised land of microservices in search of rapid, continuous development and deployment. Unfortunately, microservices adoption is a two-way street: You have to accept that while there are benefits, there are caveats as well. But with the right tools and methodologies, developers can experience all the benefits while keeping the caveats to a minimum.

For instance, microservices can create a large component footprint. They can impact overall governance of enterprise application development. They can present a quandary for .NET developers and, sometimes, it can be tricky when combining them with the cloud. With the lack of a standard and well-understood framework, organizations take the risk that microservices will be applied to their existing infrastructure in an inconsistent way.

All of these are real issues, but they are not unsolvable. There is no one solution, but the right amount of upfront planning -- which involves things like putting together common frameworks, adopting the right tooling and carefully considering your deployment approach -- can keep these problems from spinning out of control. But the first step is to understand what issues are likely to arise and what the solutions are.

This quiz will test your knowledge on both the positive and negative impacts associated with microservices development, as well as some of the methodologies DevOps teams can use to keep microservices under control. By the time you're done, you should have a better understanding of the things that might keep you from uncovering all the benefits microservices can bring.

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