application transformation

Application transformation is an umbrella term that encompasses everything from reducing the number of applications within an enterprise to moving applications to the cloud to ensuring that apps meet updated compliance and governance requirements. The transformation process often involves the establishment of an application portfolio and management program.

Application transformation products and offerings aim to help IT departments tackle the growing use of mobile computing and social media in the enterprise. Enterprise CIOs may be charged with managing software portfolios containing thousands -- even tens of thousands -- of applications. Key questions to ask when beginning an application transformation initiative include:

  • What applications are needed to maintain business? 
  • What applications need to be brought up to speed, replaced, consolidated or retired?
  • How can the enterprise transform apps at a low cost while reducing risk? 
  • What processes are needed to ensure modernization efforts succeed (e.g., Agile, iterative)?
  • How can IT monitor apps to meet business-defined service-level agreements? 
  • Can app changes be managed without disrupting to the business?


This was last updated in January 2014

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