Boomi platform adds API management, EDA support

The latest Boomi updates allow users to speed up implementation and allow IT pros to take better advantage of their data and applications.

Boomi users now have access to new API, lifecycle management and event-driven architecture features for cloud integration.

The expanded event-driven architecture (EDA) is aimed at customers looking to speed up implementation, while updates to Boomi platform's API management intend to help customers take advantage of their data and applications at scale.

Additional features and SDKs in Boomi, Dell Technologies' integration platform services (iPaaS), providing the Real-time Listener, OpenAPI Connectors, queuing and streaming capabilities, DevOps features and the Atom fabric all contribute to making Boomi an enterprise integration tool, said Gene Leganza, VP and research director at Forrester Research.

Leganza added that the new additions address IT professionals' problems because there are myriad integration scenarios.

"Boomi will never be done in their effort to address everything needed, but they do a good job with delivering the features customers are asking for," he said.

Full lifecycle API management

Boomi can now support full lifecycle API management with three key functionalities: API Proxy, API Gateway and API Developer Portal. This enables businesses to take advantage of their data while engaging their departments, partners and customers securely and at scale, according to the company. 

According to Boomi, benefits of the full lifecycle API management include:

  • Faster time to value: The API Developer Portal offers self-service options enabling consumer engagement by making it easy to discover available services. This approach lets developers monitor applications and register and approve the use of APIs. 
  • Security and scalability: The API Gateway, built on Boomi Atom runtime distribution technology, offers protection for APIs execution and allows for scalability. This lets companies manage and secure external APIs or internal microservices on premises, in the cloud or at the edge.
  • Integration with third party APIs: The API Proxy lets businesses use Boomi for all APIs and services created within or outside the platform and incorporate third-party data and APIs. Boomi's API Proxy provides tools to manage multi-cloud deployments using the Boomi runtime infrastructure. 

Expanded event-driven architectures 

Boomi's customers can now learn, experiment and deploy EDA through a new EDA page. Boomi's EDA intends to reduce implementation time by providing support and knowledge when a business integrates new applications with existing applications built using Boomi's tools, according to the company.

Boomi's EDA partners include Dell EMC and Solace as well as vendors specializing in message brokers, event meshes, streaming and pub/sub technology. The platform also offers integrations for Amazon SQS, Microsoft's Azure Service Bus services and Pivotal's RabbitMQ.

Boomi leads iPaaS market -- for now

"When Forrester evaluated iPaaS vendors earlier in 2019, Boomi was a leader," Leganza said. There are, however, many competitors looking to overtake Boomi's early lead such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, Software AG, Tibco and other smaller players, he added.

Microsoft Azure Logic Apps builds automated and scalable workflows, business processes, and enterprise orchestrations to integrate apps and data across cloud services and on-premises infrastructure, according to the company. IBM App Connect is a platform that enables customers to connect apps, integrate data, build APIs, monitor and act on events quickly; the App Connect also offers a free trial. Oracle Integration helps speed up an organization's modernization project by eliminating limitations between business applications through machine learning for best practice guidance, a library of prebuilt adapters and process automation examples, according to the company.

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