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Security issues in cloud computing

While the cloud may be flexible and cost-efficient, a lack of data safeguards and compliance standards makes security the largest hurdle to leap.

Editor's note: Security in the cloud has evolved greatly since this article was first published. Read updated information about security issues in cloud computing, and how to resolve them.

What do cloud-focused IT administrators and enterprise security teams fear more than anything? Security issues in cloud computing. Even though the cloud continues to grow in popularity and respectability, complications with data privacy and data protection still plague the market.

This primer on cloud security hitches offers up all our recent cloud security news, technical tips and detailed tutorials. It will attempt to answer maybe the most important cloud-oriented question: How much should we worry about cloud computing security?

Cloud security news

Cloud security advances not yet on IT radar
While security in the cloud has taken a few steps forward, IT admins still aren't enticed to make the move to cloud; many seem more concerned with securing existing enterprise platforms.

Government regulation looms over cloud security
According to a former commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission, providers need to improve cloud security before the feds go ahead and do it for them.

Google Gmail scandal opens cloud security can of worms
Google's email snooping scandal raised more red flags for IT pros in regards to the security of cloud-based applications and data privacy.

IBM cloud services target enterprise with security options
IBM's latest cloud service is aimed at the enterprise and provides above and beyond security options that can be tailored to meet specific needs and demands for availability and performance.

Amazon's updated security white paper misses the mark
Amazon has improved documentation of its cloud security practices, but security experts say the company still doesn't give enough information to corporate users.

Cloud compliance, encryption top enterprise security concerns
In a recent survey on security issues in cloud computing, regulatory compliance and audits topped the list of concerns for enterprise users.

Terremark security guru talks enterprise cloud compliance issues
The security architect at Terremark discusses how the hosting company set an example by building compliance into its enterprise cloud services, helping it avoid many of the issues that other providers are currently facing.

Security first as Boeing adopts cloud computing
When Boeing took to the cloud, its first priority was to focus its efforts on security. A few years later, it has found a solid method to all the madness.

Study on security issues in cloud computing shows angst, rogue users
According to a Ponemon Institute survey, many IT pros can't pinpoint all the cloud-based risks that their enterprises might be undertaking. And even more revealing, few pros are taking chances moving sensitive data to the cloud.

Major League Gaming finds security relief in hybrid cloud
For its entrance into the cloud computing world, the largest professional video game league in the world adopted hybrid cloud services to avoid any security concerns.

Cloud security expert advice

Securing virtual machines in the cloud
As cloud computing continues to evolve, it has become increasingly important to ensure the security of virtual machines in cloud-based environments.

Can you trust your public cloud provider?
Public cloud security is on the minds of many IT pros, and securing these clouds doesn't have to be a pipe dream. Providers just need to connect a few dots.

Managing hybrid cloud computing risks
While hybrid cloud is a more secure option than public cloud, there are still security risks to consider. Take a look at best practices for managing these hybrid cloud risks.

Ten questions to ask when storing data in the cloud
If you're concerned about the security and privacy of your data in the cloud, check out these 10 questions that every cloud provider must be asked to ensure that data will be kept safe and flexible.

Intrusion detection in a cloud computing environment
Discover the importance of equipping your cloud environment with intrusion detection systems in order to detect, and respond to, attacks on your systems.

Twelve ways to keep your cloud strategy compliant
Looking for the best ways to attain compliance in the cloud? Here are 12 questions that should keep your cloud provider in check, because it's up to you to keep your cloud strategy in line and your data protected.

Securing data in the cloud
Storing data in a public cloud can seem intimidating, but there are steps you can take, including classifying data under the proper protection requirements, to further ensure its security.

Maintaining security after a cloud implementation
So you've decided to take the cloud plunge. Prepare yourself; the task of ensuring ongoing security has only just begun, and you'll have to work with your provider to make the most of it.

Should you move your antivirus protection to the cloud?
Cloud-based antivirus products give IT pros several benefits, such as centralized management and less reliance on users. But how well will they protect your systems?

Ten key provisions in cloud computing contracts
Make sure you're entering into a wisely negotiated business relationship with your cloud provider by paying attention to contract terms, security requirements and other provisions.

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