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Whether you are looking to learn about the latest in modern data backup and recovery backup systems, how to purchase a tape library, are considering cloud backup, or want advice on remote-office backup, you can learn about it on SearchDataBackup. We've compiled our best data backup and recovery technology tutorials on disk-based backup, backup security, backing up virtual machines, and more. Bookmark our data backup and recovery technology tutorial page and check back often to see what's new.

Laptop backup solutions tutorial

In this two-part tutorial on laptop backup solutions, learn about why laptop data backup is still such a pain point for many businesses, the state of laptop data backup today, and what laptop backup solutions are out there.

Remote laptop backup tutorial

In this tutorial on remote laptop backup, learn about different endpoint backup options, how some companies are dealing with laptop data protection, as well as best practices from experts in the field.

Remote site backup tutorial

In this tutorial on remote site backup, learn about the pros and cons of onsite data backup, centralized data backup and cloud backup for remote sites. Also, take a look at one company's approach to backing up their remote offices.

VMware backup software tutorial

Buying backup software for a virtualized environment is more complicated than buying software for traditional servers because the virtualization architecture changes the way backup and recovery is performed. In this tutorial, we look at the questions you'll face when choosing VMware backup software.  

Snapshot backup software tutorial

In this tutorial on snapshot backup software, learn about near-CDP and snapshots, redirect-on-write snapshots, and how to restore snapshot data.

Tape storage systems tutorial

In this tutorial, learn about the latest developments on tape storage systems, LTO-5 and LTFS, the differences between backup software vs. archiving software, and and how tape is evolving into a long-term archiving medium.

Veeam Backup and Replication tutorial

Veeam Backup and Replication 5 has recently been released, and has many new features. In this tutorial, we will first cover Veeam backup with 4.1.2 and then highlight some of the new features in version 5.

Source-based deduplication tutorial
In this source deduplication tutorial, learn about whether or not source dedupe can help your organization shorten your backup windows. Learn about source deduplication products, source vs. target deduplication, and the pros and cons of each.

Continuous data protection backup tutorial
The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) defines CDP as "a class of mechanisms that continuously capture or track data modifications enabling recovery to previous points in time." In this tutorial on continuous data protection backup, learn about the latest CDP tools, how CDP is being used today, and about the latest CDP products.

Streamlining Microsoft SharePoint backup and recovery: A SharePoint tutorial
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is a popular enterprise collaboration tool. Although it's great for streamlining your office operations chores, it can be troublesome when it comes to data backup and recovery. In this two-part SharePoint tutorial, learn about the best SharePoint backup and recovery strategies, whether it's with native backup and recovery options or third-party SharePoint backup tools.

Vizioncore vRanger Pro 4.5 backup and recovery tutorial
Vizioncore Inc. (acquired by Quest Software Inc.) recently released version 4.5 of it virtualization backup product, vRanger Pro. Features in the new version include better integration with VMware's vStorage APIs, Changed Block Tracking (CBT), a new technology called Active Block Mapping, as well as object-level recovery for Microsoft Exchange servers. This tutorial will review the new version and provide some tips and other helpful information for using vRanger Pro 4.5.

Evaluating remote data backup and recovery options
Learn about in-house remote data backups, cloud-based data backups, data replication and disaster recovery (DR), data deduplication and continuous data protection in this tutorial.

Cloud backup best practices: A tutorial on evaluating cloud data backup services
In this tutorial on cloud backup best practices, learn what you should look for in potential cloud data backup services, questions to ask potential vendors, management and security concerns, and cloud backup services that are popular with larger enterprises.

Implementing disk backup storage systems: A small business data backup tutorial
Many SMBs are searching for reliable, easy and economical data backup storage systems. In this small business data backup tutorial, learn about the pros and cons of using a disk backup storage system, whether or not a disk backup is right for your company, and disk technologies like virtual tape libraries and data deduplication.

A guide to data deduping and backup
In this data deduplication technology tutorial, we look at all of those alternatives and take a look at some of the most significant deduplication backup products. Learn about global data deduplication, what to look for in a data deduplication product, inline vs. post-processing data deduping, and how it all relates to your data backup plan.

Secure data backup strategies for the enterprise
In this tutorial on secure data backup strategies, learn about encryption key management, encryption appliances, tape and disk encryption, cloud backup security, and secure data destruction options.

Cloud disaster recovery tutorial
Many vendors are positioning cloud backup as an ideal disaster recovery solution, allowing users to replicate data offsite and outside of their company's geographic region at a reasonable cost. And, there are even a number of so-called cloud disaster recovery services on the market today. But, what does "cloud disaster recovery" really mean? In this tutorial on cloud disaster recovery, learn about cloud disaster recovery vs. cloud backup; hybrid disaster recovery approaches; and security concerns with cloud backup and disaster recovery.

Using continuous data protection in your backup and recovery plan: A tutorial
Besides being a technology and a term in backup and recovery, continuous data protection (CDP) is also a goal for anyone concerned about protecting information, especially those handling transaction processing and other applications where even a brief data loss could be costly. In this tutorial on using continuous data protection in your backup and recovery plan, learn about near vs. real-time CDP and what to look for in a CDP tool.

 Data backup security strategies: A tutorial on cloud security, encryption and data destruction
There are currently four major areas where data security intersects with the data backup world: tape encryption, cloud backup security, key management and data deletion/destruction. Learn all about these areas of data backup security in this tutorial.

VMware and virtual data backup and recovery technology tutorial
In our tutorial on VMware and data backup, catch up with the latest developments in VMware backup and recovery. Learn about new VMware data backup and recovery tools, whether or not VMware Consolidated Backup is right for your organization, how to use VMware Data Recovery Manager and more.

Remote data backup and recovery technology tutorial
In this tutorial on data backup and recovery for remote sites, learn about options for remote backup including using in-house software, outsourcing to the cloud, WAN optimization, data replication and disaster recovery, and data deduplication and continuous data protection (CDP).

Virtual tape libraries: A tutorial on managing VTL technology
If you are saturating your Fibre Channel network links to complete disk-to-tape data backup jobs in smaller and smaller timeframes, it may be time to consider installing a virtual tape library (VTL) to implement a disk-to-disk data backup and recovery environment. A VTL can complement your legacy tape archive system by introducing disk-to-disk backup time and speed advantages.In this tutorial on virtual tape library technology, learn about buying and managing a VTL, VTLs and data deduplication, and virtual tape library vendors and products..

Data storage backup security tutorial: Tape encryption and cloud backup
Data storage backups are a necessary element of data protection plan, but they're often the biggest source of security woes. Learn everything you need to know about keeping your backups secure in this tutorial. Whether you're using a tape-based backup and recovery system, disk-based backup or a cloud- or online-based backup method, we have the answers here.

 Data backup and recovery software best practices: A tutorial
Whether you're using EMC NetWorker, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, Linux, Symantec NetBackup or Backup Exec, or even open-source software to back up your data, there are times when you're going to run into performance issues. We've compiled our best tips on troubleshooting data backup software in this tutorial.

Tape backup and recovery technology tutorial
Despite all the hype around disk-based backup and data deduplication, tape remains the predominant way that users ultimately store their backups. Even if they first back up to disk, most users eventually store their backups on tape. Learn about recent changes in tape technology and how to best use tape in a modern backup environment in this tutorial.

Tape backup for remote offices tutorial
Data backup is the largest problem for storage administrators today, and remote-office backup is especially challenging. Remote offices often have smaller budgets and fewer staff members to manage their backups. In this tutorial, learn about tape's place in remote backup and recovery today. You'll learn how to choose a tape library, how to care for backup tapes, how to optimize your tape strategy, and more.

Cloud backup tutorial: How to leverage cloud backup services
In this tutorial on cloud backup, you'll learn how cloud storage is changing data protection and disaster recovery, and the pros and cons of cloud backup.

Data deduplication tutorial
This data deduplication tutorial offers advice on data dedupe products, inline vs. post-processing deduplication, VTLs and dedupe, and the latest news.

Disk-based data backup and recovery tutorial
In an tough economy, storage administrators looking to stretch storage budgets are doing so by implementing disk-based backup technologies like virtual tape libraries and data deduplication. This disk-based backup and recovery tutorial takes a look at disk-based backup's evolution over the past few years and offers a roundup of recent disk backup news and expert advice.

Data backup security tutorial
Data backups are an essential element of good storage security, but they're often the source of security woes. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to ensure your backups are secure.

VMware backup tutorial
Learn all about VMware backup with this collection of articles on VMware backup and restore, VMware Consolidated Backup, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and more.

Purchasing virtual tape libraries
Some organizations using tape-based backup are hesitant to change the backup tools and processes needed to accommodate disk array storage -- often forestalling any changes until backup demands reach crisis levels. Virtual tape libraries (VTL) bridge that gap, providing the benefits of disk storage in a system that accurately emulates a tape library to existing backup software. Learn about the right questions to ask a potential vendor before you purchase a tape library

Remote data backup technology
Remote backup is one of the hottest topics in data backup today. Learn about remote-office backup software, WAN optimization, data dedupe and online backup, and backup trends.

Business continuity and disaster recovery outsourcing tutorial
Outsourcing disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) services can save you money and increase productivity by transferring some IT functions to experienced third parties, but it also has its downsides.



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