Top 10 Windows desktop security tips of 2009

Check out the best -- and most popular -- Windows desktop security tips of 2009, including info on Windows 7 security, a guide to Sysinternals and password advice.

Although Windows 7 and its security were huge topics this year, they weren't the only concerns in the Windows enterprise. Check out the 10 best – and most popular – Windows security tips of 2009, including a guide to Sysinternals tools, information on password protection and the top registry keys for Windows XP.

  1. Sysinternals tools: A must-have for every Windows security toolbox
    By Kevin Beaver, Published 02.06.2009
    Learn about the free Sysinternals tools that make managing and troubleshooting Windows-based PCs almost effortless for administrators.

  3. Four Internet Explorer 8 Group Policy security settings
    By Brien M. Posey, Published 05.06.2009
    Internet Explorer 8 doesn't have nearly as many new security mechanisms as its predecessor; however, there are four Group Policy security settings for IE8 worth mentioning.

  5. Top 5 registry keys for Windows XP
    By Eric Schultze, Published 09.23.2009
    Systems administrators may not know about useful registry keys for Windows XP. Learn how they can help you secure your network, create drive shares, manage passwords and more.

  7. Using Sysinternals tools in security management scenarios
    By Kevin Beaver, Published 02.18.2009
    Discover three valuable Sysinternals tools and common Windows security management scenarios in which these tools would be used.

  9. How Windows 7 stands up to security tests
    By Kevin Beaver, Published 07.01.2009
    Windows 7 is proving to be faster and more stable than its predecessor, but how does it measure up to security tests?

  11. Nine common password oversights to avoid
    By Kevin Beaver, Published 08.05.2009
    Protect your systems from weak passwords, poor password policies and any subsequent security issues with these nine tips designed to strengthen your password protection.

  13. A first look at Windows 7 security enhancements
    By Brien M. Posey, Published 03.11.2009
    Microsoft plans to address complaints about the much-maligned security features in Vista -- chiefly the UAC and nag screens -- in the release of Windows 7.

  15. Structuring patch management in seven steps
    By Eric Schultze, Published 11.03.2009
    Does your patch management process feel chaotic? With new patches popping up consistently, it's no surprise. Get some structure by breaking the process up into seven steps.

  17. Gathering and documenting your Windows desktop security policies
    By Kevin Beaver, Published 06.17.2009
    Documenting and enacting the best Windows desktop security policies can prepare your Windows desktop environment for current and future desktop software.

  19. Why should Windows shops use Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer?
    By Kevin Beaver, Published 03.18.2009
    Learn about Microsoft's Baseline Security Analyzer, a free and easy-to-use tool that helps enterprises with necessary security scanning measures.

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