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1903 KB4512941 Garnering Numerous Issues

On August 26, Microsoft rolled out KB4512941 to Insiders signed up for the Release Preview distribution. On August 30, that same Cumulative Update went live to 1903 users in general. I’m lucky I was gone for the holiday weekend. I came home to lots of issues and potential gotchas. One of them even bit me — the persistent .NET related 0X800F081F error code — on my release preview machine. But when I say 1903 KB4512941 garnering numerous issues, here’s what I mean:

– More info on the 0X800F0801F error code and a fix: Upgrade Repair Install Fixes Stubborn 0X800F081F Error
Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 KB4512941 causes high CPU usage (Appears Cortana and Windows Search related, see next item)
Windows 10 KB4591941 breaks Windows Search for some users
– Lots of discussion at TenForums, also includes specific mentions of O&O Shutup10 and MSI Afterburner/Riva Tuner

For admins and power users, the question becomes “Do you WANT to install this upgrade, or skip it and wait for the next one?”

What Does 1903 KB4512941 Garnering Numerous Issues Mean?

For those whose practice or inclination is updating sooner rather than later, this represents a warning along the lines of “Here be dragons.” For those who trail behind the leading/bleeding edge of MS updates anyway, it’s a more-than-usually-serious indication that this update demands strenuous and thorough compatibility testing.

KB4512941 reportedly addresses some interesting and important issues. See the release notes for its lengthy and fascinating “Improvements and fixes” section. Nevertheless, it may pose more trouble than it addresses for the moment. I’m installing in on my production PCs only piecemeal, with some caution and checks upon completion. I strongly urge IT pros and power users to do likewise.

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