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Win10 Outlook 365 Pro Crashes Prompt Timely Update

Whoa! When I checked Reliability Monitor this morning, as is my usual Monday AM practice, I came in for a shock My hitherto rock-solid Windows 10 Enterprise production PC shows 15 (fifteen!) “Stopped working” messages since early yesterday evening. 3 yesterday, and a dozen today, all at about 150 minute intervals. That’s why I was tickled when I check for Office 365 updates, and found a set to move it from Build 16005.12228 to 16005.12240. In every case the problem event name was the same “MoAppCrash” as was the listing for Package Full Name: “microsoft.windowscommunicationapps _16005.12228.0_x64_8wekyb3d8bbwe.” Since there’s not much I can do myself to fix Outlook, those Win10 Outlook 365 Pro crashes prompt timely update, indeed. Here’s what I’ve been seeing, details-wise:

Judging from the name of the package, it’s something related to the MS Store-based/mobile version of Office that’s causing problems.
[Click image for full-sized view.]

When Win10 Outlook 365 Pro Crashes Prompt Timely Update, Then What?

Shoot! All I can do is cross my fingers, and hope this fixes the problem. There’s a fascinating discussion of a different MoAppCrash scenario at TenForums entitled “Runtime Errors.” It sounds like an absolute horror-show. I hope that doesn’t spill over to this situation. Only time will tell. So far, so good.

There is a ray of sunshine from the other TenForums thread, though. Sounds like if the error persists, it might be fixed by an in-place upgrade repair install. If so, that wouldn’t be my first such maneuver. And Windows 10 things being what they are, it won’t be my last such maneuver, either. Stay tuned!


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