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KB4089848 Poses Widely Reported Win10 Problems

On 3/22/18 Microsoft unleashed KB4089848. It upgrades build 1709 to 16299.334 and addresses a list of some 25 issues. This is documented in its MS Support KB article. But numerous sources indicate that KB4089848 poses widely reported Win10 problems, too. These cover a wide litany of woes that include the following (source:

  • Failed installs (either the download or the install processing for KB4089848 doesn’t complete successfully).
  • Post-installation, printing problems occur. HP printers seem particularly prone to such issues.
  • With KB4089848, some users report PC freeze-ups or performance hiccups.
  • Other issues also show up less frequently. Some users report issues with Outlook search, taskbar troubles, or homegroup failures.

WU reports my production desktop Win10 is current, with confirmation from WUMT checks. Even so, here’s how KB4089848 shows up in my Update History. Sigh.

On one of my machines, despite a successful install of the update and multiple subsequent reboots, the update history still reports that a restart is needed. Reading through and social and answers forums at Microsoft this weekend, I saw these items pop up dozens, if not hundreds, of times from users around the globe.

If KB4089848 Poses Widely Reported Win10 Problems, What to Do?

This is a case where waiting before installing appears to have strong merits. How one might go about this is the subject of numerous tutorials including these items:

Turn On or Off Pause Updates for Windows Update in Windows 10

Enable or Disable Windows Update Automatic Updates in Windows 10

The Windows Update MiniTool (WUMT) along with a “wrapper script”  can also disable Windows Updates unless and and until this alternative access tool is used. It lets users pick only the updates they want to install, and provides complete control over Windows Update access and activity. I provided a pointer to this tool in a 2/26/18 post to entitled “Stop Windows 10 Updates Properly and Completely.” Subsequent discussion items in that thread makes mention of a MyDigitalLife item that covers this script in more detail “WUMT Wrapper Script — controls Windows Update Service.” It’s definitely worth reading — and for many users, it’s worth using, too.

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