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Install KB4494441 CU Twice

OK, then: here’s a new one on me. Yesterday, May 14, was Patch Tuesday. In keeping with usual practice, MS released a number of updates, including KB4494441. The subtitle for that CU, BTW, is “(OS Build 17763.503).” I downloaded the updates and installed them, without apparent difficulty. But when I checked my Build number, it was 17763.475 (not .503, as promised in the KB subtitle). A quick return to the TenForums thread on KB4494441 informed me that those who’d successfully made it to 17763.503 had invariably installed KB4494441 twice. I jumped back into Settings → Update & Security → Windows Update and checked for updates. Sure enough, it offered KB4494441 for install again. And that, dear readers, is why I warn you to “Install KB4494441 CU twice!”

Notice that two installs for KB4494441 show up in the install history. What’s up with that, I wonder?

Why Must We Install KB4494441 CU Twice?

Good question! I wish I knew the answer. The afore-linked Windows Support note about the CU says nothing about doubling up on installation. I don’t recall enountering this kind of behavior on other, older updates either, CU or otherwise. But indeed, on 4 of the 5 of the PCs running the Current Branch version of Windows 10 right now I had to double-install KB4494441 to get to Build 17763.503. That’s also, without exception, what the several dozen other individuals who posted to the thread mentioned previously reported as well. Thus, it’s my observation and belief that this double-update requirement applies generally to everyone who wants to get to Build 17763.503.

Do please let me know (comment here, or send me an e-mail through if your experience provides a possible counter-example. Something interesting is happening here, and I’d like to figure out what that might be. With your help and input, I just might be able to do that. TIA for your help and support!

[Note] Thanks to TenForums members khanmein and IronZorg for quoting my first thread in the KB4494441 discussion. Ultimately, this is what alerted me to the need for double install. Thanks also to member ddelo who opined that the new Servicing Stack Update might have been installed on the first try (as the Support Note says is necessary), making a second try to actually install the CU necessary. Upon further reflection and consideration, I’m inclined to think this may indeed be the case. I’ve got one more machine here that needs KB4494441 installed. I will try manually applying the SSU first and see if indeed subsequent installation of KB4494441 goes straight to .503 in that case. Stay tuned!

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