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Win10 1809 Is Re-released

OK, then. MS fired off a series of items on November 13. This includes a cumulative update that takes existing 1809 installs to Build 17763.134, plus access to 1809 in upgrade or ISO form on the Download Windows 10 page. Thus, 40 days after the first release was withdrawn on October 5, 1809 makes its official reappearance. That’s why I declaim: Win10 1809 is re-released!

Once again the Win10 Download Page is serving up 1809!
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How Win10 1809 Is Re-released Affects Those Already Running 1809

If you, like me, jumped on 1809 and got it installed before that release was withdrawn, no worries. You need simply install KB4567708, which is available through Windows Update (WU) or via download from the Microsoft Catalog (32-bit/x86 and 64-bit/x64 versions). On all machines I’d upgraded in October, they went from Build 17763.55 to 17763.134 without difficulty or undue delay.

If you, also like me, decided to join the Insider Preview for apps, updates and hotfixes only, you can return to the main branch as I did yesterday. This means updating first to KB4464455, which takes you to Build 17763.107. Then, you must visit the Insider Preview page under Settings → Update & Security, and exit the Insider Program there. You will have to restart your PC once (or twice, as in my case, for whatever odd reason). Then, you’re back in the 1809 mainstream. After you apply KB4567708, your PC will be at Build 17763.134, all caught up. This took some time (for all the reboots, mostly) but worked without issue, too.

How Win10 1809 Is Re-released Affects Those Running 1803

You have two paths to get to Build 17763.134. First, you can wait for WU to offer you the upgrade. This offer seems to be pretty readily forthcoming for the membership at TenForums, where over 50 people reported receiving the upgrade via WU yesterday. Or, you can visit the afore-linked Windows 10 Download Page and use the Update Assistant or build yourself an installation UFD using the Media Creation Tool.

Let the games begin! 1809 is back.

Here’s a shout-out to my business partner’s take on the re-release over at Win10.Guru. It’s entitled “Windows 10 October Update version 1809 finally released” and it shares a more nuanced and jaundiced view of what the Windows and Insider teams are up to at Microsoft.

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