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WUMT Resolves Update Woes Yet Again

Yesterday, Microsoft released Cumulative Update KB4284848. As usual, I updated all eligible machines once I noticed the update was available (this morning). On all six PCs, the update was attempted. For five of them, it succeeded without difficulty. On the sixth, however, things quickly became interesting. First, WU had difficulty scanning for this update. But even after I downloaded the .MSU from the Microsoft Update Catalog, it stalled out at “Checking for updates.” And alas, it never got around to installing anything. Thus, I turned to the Windows Update MiniTool, aka WUMT, to see if it might help before attempting more serious WU repairs. Happily, WUMT resolves update woes yet again. It managed to download and install KB4284848 without difficulty.

WUMT Update History shows all applied updates since the last Feature Upgrade.
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How WUMT Resolves Update Woes Yet Again

Obviously, something odd was up with Windows Update on this PC. Specifically, the update check function seemed stymied somehow. This is the first time I’ve seen a manual catalog-based update fail because its own built-in update checks couldn’t (or wouldn’t) complete. WUMT uses a different method to interrogate the WU servers. And apparently, WUMT succeeded even when the built-in update functions weren’t working properly.

Even so, WUMT didn’t report on the download of KB4284848, either. It simply showed progress bars for Updates 1 and 2, but didn’t report on download progress in the status bar as it is normal behavior. There’s no doubt that something odd and interesting was up on the T520.

FWIW, I’m glad to see that WUMT was able to grab and install the update even when Windows Update itself got stuck. It’s still taking minutes for an update check to complete on that machine now, but it is working. But, as is also usual, WUMT completes faster. If you don’t already have a copy of the free WUMT program in your toolbox, grab a copy right now. It’s completely portable and does not require installation. [Note: download link is to MajorGeeks, a reliable and virus-free purveyor of all kinds of great Windows downloads. For more information on WUMT, see my mini-review of this tool at Win10.Guru. Great stuff!]

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