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Is Windows 10 19H2 Now Called Version Next?

A few minutes ago, I saw word at TenForums that a new slow ring Insider Preview release was out. Until now, this version has been more or less uniformly known as 19H2 (for 2019, Second Half of year). But as the following screencap shows, it appears therein as “Windows 10 Version Next.” That’s as good a name as any, I guess. But it is a change in nomenclature, which is why I say Windows 10 19H2 now called Version Next. Check it out!

Windows 10 Version Next may be the (or a) new name for the closer-in Insider Preview release formerly known as 19H2.
[Click image for full-sized view.]

Why is Windows 10 19H2 Now Called Version Next?

As usual, there’s a blog post for this new release. It appeared earlier today in the Windows Insider Program blog. It’s entitled Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18362.10005 (19H2). What’s interesting about this post is that it continues to make reference to the release as 19H2. It doesn’t use the “Windows 10 Version Next” nomenclature either, in any way, shape or form. Kind of makes me wonder if whoever put the update package together didn’t use a bit of creative license in labeling same.

I guess we’ll find out if this is just a one-time use label, or a new name for 19H2 as and when other updates emerge. Until the next such item appears, we can’t be sure what’s really going on here. Right now, my best guess is that the Insider Preview Slow Ring version is still called 19H2. “Version Next” will either turn out to be a one-off synonym, or a new official name. Only time will tell!

[Note: Here’s a shout-out to Shawn Brink at TenForums, whose post New Windows 10 Insider Preview Slow Build 18362.10005 (19H2) – July 15 brought this release to my attention. Thanks!]

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