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MS Unveils New Win10 Icon and More

On December 12, Jon Friedman posted previews of new Microsoft icons at As the company’s Corporate VP for Design and Research, you might say he’s got ultimate oversight of such things. Included amidst those items was a new look for the Windows 10 icon, in the same vein as the new Office icons introduced just over a year ago (November 29, 2018). If you look at the graphics snippet from Friedman’s post, you’ll see that MS unveils new Win10 icon.

The item encircled in RED is a somewhat skewed version of the new Win10 logo.
[Click image for full-sized view.]

General Icon Redesign Means MS Unveils New Win10 Icon

In fact, Friedman explains the redesign reflects a “world where . . . social connectedness and collaboration are paramount to succcess. A world with immense potential for creativity and growth thanks to new flows of information.” Moreover, MS wants to  to “help facilitate and enhance these kinds of interactions and experiences.” Apparently, this drove MS to scale up its latest “icon design effort from 10 products to over a hundred.” Friedman’s blog post explores and explains the considerations that go into an across-the-board effort like this. It also recognizes the huge amounts of interaction and collaboration required to pull it off. Plus, where else could you find a figure caption like this one? “Rich gradients, soft curves, and fluid motion connect the Edge and Office logos to each other and the rest of the icons.”

I can’t help but wonder when the new icon shown above will make its official debut. Logic and guesswork tell me that it’s likely to take over from the current logo when Windows 20H1 aka 2004 is officially released. If history is any guide, that means sometime in April or May of 2020. In less than 150 days, we should know for sure. Stay tuned!

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