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Nvidia LiveKernelEvent 141 Error Returns

This morning, I checked on Reliability Monitor to see how my production PC was doing. Right away, I noticed a LiveKernelEvent error had occurred on 2/21. That’s the same day I updated my Nvidia GPU driver. Prior experience with this error code means I had reason to think “GPU issue” (see this Windows Report story for more info). Here’s what that error detail looks like:

The last time I saw this, GeForce experience hung during the driver install. Could that program or the driver installer be the cause? Let’s find out.

Putting My Nvidia LiveKernelEvent 141 Error Returns Theory to the Test

It just so happens that GeForce tells me there’s a new driver available for my GeForce 1070 GX graphics card. Right now, I’m running version 418.98. Let’s see if a switch to 419.17 makes a difference. I worked through the 5-8 minute install sequence and re-opened Reliability Monitor. Here’s what I found (not what I expected):

No LiveKernelEvent 141 errors here! Must be something else…

OK then, so much for that theory. It’s cool that I was able to formulate it and shoot it down almost immediately thereafter. Now, all I have to do is figure out why my Nvidia graphics card occasionally throws this error. It should be interesting to try to figure it out (I’ve tried all the steps in the afore-cited article and none of them helps), but it looks like this could take a while. Stay tuned! I’m going to keep digging in, and see if I can find a fix. In the meantime, I’m glad my Reliability Index continues trending upward (it’s between 9 and 10, so in three more days I could reach the top).

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