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Snipping Tool Snip & Sketch Printing

Although MS has promised its banishment for some time, the Snipping Tool is still alive and well in Build 18836. Purported to be a skipahead to 20H1, the old tool remains present even there. Its replacement, Snip & Sketch, has been available since early builds of 1903 appeared last summer. With either tool, I found myself with a minor beef this weekend. Indeed, while one can print pretty easily from either tool, printing options are somewhat limited. For reasons I’ll explain shortly, I found myself miffed with Snipping Tool Snip & Sketch printing this weekend. A third party tool proved necessary to avoid paper waste, in fact.

Print tools in either built-in screencap tool lack image scaling/”Fit to page” options. Sometimes, this is a problem.

Problems Present with Snipping Tool Snip & Sketch Printing

We were cooking a spatchcocked chicken and I wanted to print a good one-page recipe I’d found. But alas, as you can see in the options available for Snip & Sketch above (almost identical to those for the Snipping Tool, not shown for that reason) there is no “fit to page” option. Because I clipped the recipe on a big screen I couldn’t get it to print in either landscape or portrait mode on a single piece of paper. Ultimately, that’s all I wanted. So I saved the file, opened it in Corel PaintShop Pro, and used that program’s “Fit to page” option, available easily and immediately from its print options page.

MS developers: please hear my plea, and take a page from the paper conservation handbook. For future versions, please add this same “Fit to page” option to Snip & Sketch. Sure the new tool has bells and whistles that Snipping Tool lacks (esp. annotations). But this addition might also give users another good reason to drop the old Snipping Tool. Saving trees is even better than adding notes and markup!

BTW, the chicken turned out much better than I’d hoped or expected. If you’re curious, try Martha Stewart’s magnificent Roast Spatchcocked Lemon Chicken recipe yourself.

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