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March 2018, Vol. 2, No. 2

AI tools fall into the hands of end users

Artificial intelligence is coming to enterprise software near you, and it will push both IT pros and end users out of their comfort zones. As machine learning, bots and analytics capabilities mature, more software providers are ramping up the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in their products – including those for IT departments seeking better ways to handle large volumes of data, automate processes and improve end-user productivity. The technology is in its early days, but some AI tools are lending themselves to the citizen technologist by emphasizing simplistic management rather than the complexity often present in emerging technology. "I see [machine learning] working best to present suggestions and outcomes to a user, who can then drill down into information and approve or change those suggestions," said Adam Fowler, IT operations manager at a law firm in Australia. "There are some workflows that won't need this of course, but I believe the combination of AI and user gives the best outcome." Automation for the people AI ...

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