Business Planning and Control System (BPCS)

Business Planning and Control System (BPCS) is a popular system of application programs for manufacturing and other industries that is developed and sold by Systems Software Associates (SSA). SSA reports that BPCS is installed at over 8,000 business sites worldwide. The BPCS applications are divided into:

  • Configurable enterprise financials (including accounts receivable and payable, cost accounting, remittance processing, and budgeting and analysis)
  • Supply chain management applications (including sale performance management, purchasing, promotion, inventory management, and forecasting)
  • Multi-mode manufacturing applications (including planning, production scheduling, capacity planning, shop floor control, and plant maintenance)

The key ideas in BPCS include:

  • A general adherence to programming standards for distributed object computing (including Common Object Request Broker Architecture) and other standards
  • A sophisticated use of client/server computing and object data repositories
  • Adoption of the Microsoft Windows Desktop user interface for all end users site-wide
  • A guided workstation-based system of installation

SSA augments its own sales and support force with a system of independent business associates. It has a widely-distributed customer base, with 34% of its customers in Europe, 22% in the Asia Pacific region, and 10% in Latin America.

This was last updated in April 2005

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