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64% of Clinical Documentation Integrity Clients Cite Reporting Issues

While many clinical documentation integrity customers cite reporting as a challenge, health IT vendor Nuance stands out for high reporting accuracy, according to a KLAS report.

Key elements for clinical documentation integrity (CDI) customer satisfaction include strong health IT vendor relationships and flexible reporting capabilities, according to a KLAS report.

The report examines customer perceptions of six CDI vendors.  


Nuance stands out to clients (mostly smaller organizations) for outcomes driven by the analytics package and the tool’s deep insights into data and performance. Users noted timely problem resolution, with proactive vendor outreach to deliver updates on known issues. However, clients feel that the analytics platform’s complexity sometimes makes it hard to use.

Nuance customers note high reporting accuracy and the ability to create flexible reports. Users would like Nuance to fill the existing gaps around reporting for more niche data.

Iodine Software

Customers of Iodine Software say the vendor’s machine learning and AI capabilities increase charge capture and billing and drive consistent product improvements.

Iodine Software first offered a prioritization tool and expanded it into a full-suite product a few years ago. Clients feel the vendor cares about their success and note the firm’s ability to support strong customer relationships, often referring to Iodine as a partner.

Customers feel that Iodine Software’s current reporting functionality is strong but would like Iodine to expand the reporting capability into broader use cases, like forecasting.


KLAS measured two 3M CDI products in the report: MModal CDI Collaborate and 360 Encompass CDI. Customers of 3M tend to be large organizations, especially those using 360 Encompass CDI.

Clients widely reported praise for 3M’s MModal CDI Collaborate AI and NLP capabilities. However, they mentioned sometimes having to manually input data due to integration issues with external systems such as EHRs.

3M 360 Encompass CDI respondents mentioned 3M’s robust ecosystem and CDI offerings. Clients also said that lately, the company has done a much better job explaining product features for improved efficiency. On the other hand, respondents often experience buggy upgrades that lead to system downtime.

Organizations using 3M 360 Encompass CDI feel reporting is their biggest challenge, particularly financial reporting. A few have had to bring in additional vendors to get the reporting they need.

While 3M clients generally do not see their relationship with the vendor as a strength, many customers highlight significant improvements in proactive outreach from account managers. Still, respondents said they feel their account managers are limited in the amount of change they can effect, so problem resolution remains an issue.


Optum respondents appreciate the consistent functionality across CDI/CAC products that streamline end-user workflows. However, over half of interviewed customers noted EHR integration barriers. Further, a third of clients mentioned poor prioritization, leading to more manual processes.

Optum customers report being satisfied with their account representatives’ ability to solve problems and provide ongoing training. However, issues with timely problem resolution persist.

AGS Health

AGS Health’s small customer base was acquired from EZDI in 2021. The limited number of interviewed customers praised their account managers’ attentiveness and quick responses to issues. Respondents also said they appreciate AGS Health’s drive to optimize the system based on customer requests.


Dolbey customers are happy with how the vendor provides immediate feedback, resolves issues, and uses customer suggestions to improve the product. End users note Fusion CDI is easy to use and requires little training.

However, reporting has been an ongoing issue for Dolbey customers, mostly due to inaccurate data. While clients note Dolbey is aware of and working to resolve the reporting issues, they would like to see more proactivity from the company.

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