Medical Center Launches Cloud-Based EHR Implementation for CDS

Cloud-based EHR implementations can help support healthcare organizations in secure data exchange for clinical decision support (CDS).

Somo Medical Center in Palm Beach County, Florida has begun a cloud-based EHR implementation from health IT vendor eClinicalWorks in efforts to improve clinical decision support (CDS).

The health IT vendor's HITRUST-certified cloud infrastructure will provide physicians with secure access to integrated patient health data and support continuous security and data privacy improvements without the challenges of data backup and server upgrades.

Providers at Soma Medical Center will also have access to the vendor’s health information search engine, PRISMA, which collates medical information from a variety of national and local sources in a searchable format to support faster and more accurate CDS.

“With eClinicalWorks, our team of physicians and administrators are more efficient and effective, which has helped us continue to fulfill our mission of satisfying health necessities with an ethical, social, and environmental responsibility,” Andres Florez, vice president of Soma Medical Center, noted in a public statement.

“It was so easy to transition to eClinicalWorks’ software and we’re excited to see how quickly we benefit from using it,” Florez continued.

The health center will deploy the new cloud-based EHR at 25 locations.

“We are excited about partnering with Soma Medical Center as there is great alignment between both organization’s patient-centric culture, vision, and mission,” said Girish Navani, CEO and cofounder of eClinicalWorks.

“Our focus is on providing Soma Medical Center staff and patients with eClinicalWorks’ advanced technology to simplify a number of functions, including data collection and patient communications, and ultimately improve patients’ access and outcomes,” he added.

Cloud-based EHR systems provide several benefits compared to traditional in-house systems, according to experts.

The cost of implementing and maintaining a cloud-based EHR system is much cheaper than an in-house EHR system. Some cloud systems even allow users to pay a lower subscription fee that can be as low as $100 per month.

Experts also say that cloud-based EHRs allow more secure health information sharing than in-house EHR systems. EHR security gives patients peace of mind and can prevent potential threats and breaches.

Additionally, cloud-based EHRs can aid in interoperability, as all stakeholders have access to health information through a single, secure source.

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