Health System Set to Launch Cloud-Based Epic EHR Implementation

NOVO Health has entered into an agreement with Epic Systems to launch a cloud-based EHR implementation across its community of providers.

NOVO Health, through its subsidiary NOVO Health Technology Group, has entered into an agreement with EHR vendor Epic Systems to launch a cloud-based Epic EHR implementation across its community of healthcare providers using Microsoft Azure health IT.

The cloud-based EHR implementation is set to empower healthcare providers with the health IT they need for quality care delivery without compromising their independence, the provider organization said.

Greater access to patient health information through the EHR implementation will also improve care coordination and reduce the time it takes to provide patients with proper diagnoses and treatment plans, NOVO Health explained.

The implementation will also provide NOVO Health patients with access to a wider range of healthcare providers, representatives said.

Additionally, the cloud-based implementation positions providers to further leverage tools from Microsoft to improve care delivery and quality, such as Microsoft Power BI for advanced healthcare analytics.

“Accessibility and affordability are key pillars of the NOVO Health platform – for both patients and providers,” Curt Kubiak, CEO of NOVO Health, said in a press release. “The Epic EHR and this hosting solution addresses both of those critical issues.”

NOVO Health Technology Group partnered with health IT vendors Medix Technology and Focus Solutions to launch the cloud-based service.

Medix Technology, a workforce consulting organization, will deliver project advisory services and pre-implementation planning.

"Our team was excited to bring our experience in project leadership to meet the needs of NOVO Health's unique build," said Eric Born, vice president of Business Development at Medix Technology. "This partnership was about creating customized solutions for scalable growth."

Focus Solutions, a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), will host Epic data for the independent practices.

"This challenging and collaborative project brought out the best in our team,” said Bruce Schaumberg, Founder of Focus Solutions. “Having Medix in our corner was invaluable. The best part, though, is coming together to help NOVO Health flourish and position themselves for future success and growth."

The project to launch NOVO Health’s EHR Access Program began in September 2020, and the health system completed the first install of its new Epic solution in April 2021.

While there are positives and negatives regarding both cloud-based and in-house EHR adoption, cost savings, security considerations, and data sharing benefits are a few major checkmarks that are in favor of cloud-based EHRs.

EHR implementation—and subsequent optimization or replacement projects—are an industry requirement that can be a true drain on organization finances.

The cost of implementing and maintaining a cloud-based EHR system is much cheaper than an in-house EHR system. Some cloud systems even allow users to pay a lower subscription fee that can be as low as $100 a month.

Experts say that cloud-based EHRs also allow more secure health information sharing than in-house EHR systems. EHR security gives patients a peace of mind and can prevent potential threats and breaches.

Additionally, cloud-based EHRs can aid in interoperability, as all stakeholders have access to health information through a secure, single source.

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