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Athenahealth launches specialty EHR tools to improve care

Athenahealth has introduced new specialty EHR solutions that aim to meet the clinical and operational needs of women's health and urgent care practices.

EHR vendor Athenahealth has announced the availability of specialty EHR solutions aimed at meeting the needs of women's health and urgent care organizations.

Healthcare practices have historically had to choose between large general-purpose EHR vendors or specialty-specific offerings from smaller vendors. The new Athenahealth solutions aim to eliminate this tradeoff.

"Athenahealth empowers ambulatory care clinicians to deliver the best care while enabling their practices to operate efficiently and thrive in a complicated and competitive healthcare landscape," said Bob Segert, chairman and chief executive officer at Athenahealth, in a press release.

"We've developed a deep understanding of how practices work, the specific needs and goals of specialties, and how technology can help them deliver the best possible care," he added. "That makes us uniquely qualified and positioned to meet the needs of specialty practices with solutions that work the way they do and remove administrative complexity. It's exactly what our specialty-tailored AthenaOne solutions provide."

Each offering will include the capabilities of the AthenaOne EHR combined with specialty-specific features, including pre-configured workflows and specialty-focused onboarding processes.

"As a women's health practice, we care for our patients through many stages of their healthcare journey, seeing them through major health moments during every phase of their life," said Katherine Gregory, MD, Master of Public Health, and gynecologist at San Francisco Gynecology. "Thus, it's important that clinicians and staff have solutions that provide a comprehensive patient view so we can provide consistent, coordinated care."

"Athenahealth has been a critical partner in helping us provide high quality care to our patients and has also enabled our practice to be more efficient by automating key administrative tasks, allowing our clinicians and staff to maximize time with patients at every visit," Gregory said.

In the coming months, Athenahealth plans to launch solutions for additional specialties, including behavioral healthcare.

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