Enterprise mobility management software offerings and use cases

Last updated:August 2019

Editor's note

Many organizations include mobile devices in their fleet of managed devices, and IT professionals must ensure that its device management tools support mobile devices. Device management alone isn't always enough for an organization's mobile users, however, and IT can turn to enterprise mobility management software to manage every aspect of its mobile devices, from applications to identity and access management.

Enterprise mobility management software allows IT to deploy security policies and provide access to internal resources by integrating with APIs in the mobile OSes. IT pros must first learn which tasks enterprise mobility management software can perform before they choose this option. 

1What exactly is enterprise mobility management?

Enterprise mobility management describes a specific set of tools that IT can use to manage mobile devices and their applications. There is some confusion, however, about how this enterprise mobility management software is different from mobile device management, unified endpoint management and mobile application management.

2Business use cases for enterprise mobility management

Not every organization needs enterprise mobility management software to oversee its users, but some use cases are an excellent fit for the technology. Discover some of the key use cases and potential limits of enterprise mobility management tools.

3Get to know the various EMM offerings on the market today

Mobile device admins should get to know the different enterprise mobility management offerings that exist on the market today. Vendors such as BlackBerry, Citrix and VMware work best in different use cases depending on IT's management needs and the devices and mobile applications that end users require.

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