The complete Apple iOS guide for IT administrators

Last updated:November 2018

Editor's note

As Apple shifts its focus toward the enterprise, with better security features and simpler mobile device management, it's high time for IT departments to learn about the operating system.

The company has made a concerted effort to appeal to enterprise customers recently. For example, the company released Apple Business Manager (ABM), a consolidation of Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Volume Purchase Program. ABM can help IT pros perform a variety of Apple device management tasks, including onboarding and configuring enterprise devices and delegating admin privileges.

In this Apple iOS guide, find out what else the company is doing to make an enterprise name for itself, including the business potential of the Apple Watch, how iOS app development works and more.

1App development

Because iOS devices are more prominent than ever in the enterprise, developers must know how to create apps for Apple's devices. And because Apple is strict about what apps can run on its OS, there is a lot to know. Take on some of this important information with an iOS app development cheat sheet, and learn about Swift, one of Apple's top development languages.

2Explore iOS devices

The iPad and the iPhone dominate the tablet and smartphone markets, respectively. Never a company to rest on its laurels, Apple continues to churn out new devices. The iPhone XS and XR models, for example, bring improved Face ID sensors to the table. The latest iPad Pro and Apple Watch bring some use cases to the enterprise as well, although enterprise adoption isn't widespread yet. Read more about it in this section of our iOS guide.

3How to manage iOS devices

It's no easy task to manage devices for an organization, especially when multiple device types are involved. Fortunately, Apple has released a few tools to automate enrollment, provisioning and configuration for IT pros, and other vendors have followed suit. Dig into these tools, including Apple Business Manager, and other features that can make device management simpler below in our iOS guide.

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