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March 2018, Vol. 2, No. 2

IT must prep for enterprise AI software

There's tremendous fear that artificial intelligence will replace jobs, but this dystopian view doesn't acknowledge that AI software can help augment the business outcomes employees shoot for in many organizations. The proliferation of mobile devices in the enterprise has been a major driver of AI growth because both technologies aim to improve the productivity of end users. Digital assistant technology, for example, has matured since assistants such as Apple's Siri first appeared. Plus, mobile, social and the internet of things have created a vast amount of new connected data sources. Cloud computing, big data storage and new processing technologies enable IT to collect and analyze this data better and at a cheaper cost than in the past. AI is a set of disciplines that include machine learning, deep learning and cognitive computing. Machine learning uses recognition of patterns to allow software to predict outcomes without being explicitly programmed. It relies on algorithms that can receive data and use statistical analysis to...

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