New MobileIron zero-trust security platform launches

MobileIron launched its zero-trust security platform, so customers could use their mobile phones as secure IDs. This would eliminate the need for passwords.

Those who routinely forget login passwords can rejoice: MobileIron has introduced a mobile-centric, zero-trust security platform that would eliminate the need for a password.

The mobile-centric strategy would allow for continuous protection of data, both on the device and on the network, with comprehensive correlation between the critical signals for zero trust: user, device, apps, networks and threats. This strategy would make mobile devices act as an ID and provide secure access to the enterprise. The zero-sign-on experience is built on the company's unified endpoint management platform and powered by MobileIron Access.

Zero sign-on would eliminate passwords and replace single sign-on as a means of user authentication. In 2017, MobileIron launched its Access product, which enabled zero sign-on to cloud services on managed devices. The zero-sign-on technology would expand on Access. This makes passwordless access to cloud services available from both managed and unmanaged devices, using the mobile device as the user's secure ID.

The MobileIron zero-trust security platform is built on the foundation of unified endpoint management capabilities, with additional zero-trust-enabling technologies. These technologies include zero sign-on, multifactor authentication and mobile threat defense. Together, they create a secure environment by ensuring only authorized users, devices, apps and services can access business resources.

Passwords have become somewhat of a headache for users. In addition to being difficult to remember, passwords are often involved in breaches when they're stolen, weak or used for multiple accounts.

According to MobileIron, its goal is to revolution enterprise authentication with mobile ID and zero sign-on from any device. Zero sign-on for unmanaged devices will be available in June for iOS devices and will extend to Android devices later this year.

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