How best to secure cloud computing in this critical era

Last updated:May 2019

Editor's note

Companies are putting more critical data into the cloud, which means a cloud breach is likely to be more destructive than ever.

Secure cloud computing is central to business success today, so we've gathered in this guide our experts' thoughts on the nature of the threat and how to counter it. The guide includes detailed examinations of particular approaches and products that help keep cloud defenses high -- or control the damage should a breach occur.

Security professionals in companies that use cloud and care about security must continually rethink and retool strategy and security tools and services. Use this collection of expert guidance to learn how best to secure cloud computing.

1Attackers target cloud with classic methods and new exploits

Because companies are increasingly putting valuable assets in the cloud, hackers are intensifying their attacks on that target. Attackers have new exploits, but they're also using tried-and-true methods at a higher rate -- like phishing emails -- in their efforts to break into company clouds. Learn what threats you need to watch out for now.

2Latest tools and tactics deliver secure cloud computing

The threats abound, but approaches to locking cloud up tight are also evolving. This section provides focused advice -- such as how to best secure virtual machines or set up a honeypot -- but it also offers more broad-based advice, such as how to put a zero-trust strategy into place.

3How to gain visibility and better protect cloud assets

Visibility into cloud infrastructures and apps has always been an issue when it comes to the cloud, but it's essential for secure cloud computing. Learn how to tackle perennial issues like shadow IT, and identify and employ the most effective tools to keep cloud-based assets safe.

4What CASBs and managed services offer the security-minded

Secure cloud computing can be a tricky goal to achieve, and the idea of hiring a skilled partner may be a smart move. This section is a goldmine, including information on the key features to look for in a private cloud provider and on how edge computing is affecting cloud service providers -- with a quick guide to Google's wide array of cloud security tools, to boot.

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