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April 2017, Vol. 19, No. 3

Chenxi Wang discusses DEF CON hacking conference, 'Equal Respect'

CISOs are too often bombarded with a lot of vendor jargon and little substance. Chenxi Wang is among the veterans in the information security industry who have pointed to poor marketing and communication styles—especially at conferences. The former chief strategy officer at cloud container security provider Twistlock—she left the company in February—Wang has also worked at CipherCloud, Intel Security and Forrester Research. Early in her career, she spent time in the classroom as an associate professor of computer engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Wonder why few women attend some of the more "rebellious" hacker conventions, like the DEF CON hacking conference, where important industry findings -- and security hiring -- are discussed? The near-striptease at a DEF CON hacking conference trivia game might indicate a trouble spot. While the use of promotional models at conferences is nothing new (and is on the wane at security events), a growing number of people like Wang are encouraging security event planners and ...

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