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May 2020, Vol. 21, No. 2

Why nation-state cyberattacks must be top of mind for CISOs

Ask most cybersecurity specialists about their top fears for 2020 and you'll get a long and valid list of answers. My answer is: Nation-state attacks. Why? And why now, in 2020, when they've been in existence arguably as long as the internet has? Three reasons: motivation, maturity and resources. Throughout history, nation-states have waged war with the goal of destabilizing the power base of their enemies, shoring up allies and capturing more power for themselves. Sometimes the war is economic; sometimes it's waged with guns. Cyberattacks gave nation-states another vector, and the techniques have matured rapidly in the past 10 years. Finally, nation-state attackers are far better provisioned than your average hacking group. Nations have access to resources on a scale far beyond even that of billionaires or multibillionaires. To know what you need to know about nation-state attacks, you first need to understand the impact various attack types can have, the likely attack techniques and who is launching these attacks. With that ...

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